Pandit Sethuraman was a famous Numerology Specialist born on the 31st May, He had his education in Tiruchirapalli, India. He quickly rose to an enviable position by his sheer hard work and sharp intellect. His research-oriented mind together with his interest in occult science helped him analyze the lives of hundreds of soldiers in his unit, their victories and defeats or deaths. It was then that he discovered a definite pattern of events in human lives which corresponded to their dates of birth and names.

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By Pandit Sethuraman and Guruswamy Sethuraman. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, or stored in any retrieval system of any nature.

Disclaimer : The views expressed in this book are the personal views of the author. Publisher Author shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages arising out of the use of the book.

Neither author nor the publishers of the book hold any responsibility for any mistake that may have inadvertently crept in. All legal issues are subject to Chennai jurisdiction only. Pandit Sethuraman was born on the 31st May, He had his education in Tiruchirapalli, India.

He quickly rose to an enviable position by his sheer hard work and sharp intellect. His research-oriented mind together with his interest in occult sciences helped him analyse the lives of hundreds of soldiers in his unit, their victories and defeats or deaths.

It was then that he discovered a definite pattern of events in human lives which corresponded to their dates of birth and names. This revelation changed the course of his life. He realised that he was born for a mission that would help the humanity. Spurred on by the wisdom that dawned on him, he decided to pursue his avowed mission of helping people through the science called Numerology. The book was an instant success all over the world.

Interestingly, the publication of this book was never advertised or its sale promoted in anyway. The readers who read the book and were benefited by it spread the message it contained and the demand for this extra-ordinary book on Numerology grew in leaps and bounds.

That is the secret of success of the original work in Tamil which played an important role in the lives of multitudes of people all over the world. After publishing the thirteenth edition Tamil in while in the peak of his fame, Pandit Sethuraman passed away. Guruswamy has brought out the editions in English, Telugu, Hindi and also Chinese for the benefit of global readers in the year The English version itself has seen its tenth edition and to suit the modern minds, the eBook version of Science of Fortune is ready for global readers.

Guruswamy has also published an eBook entitled My Fortune which analyses scientifically from a new angle how to progress in life and add harmony to it by using lucky numbers and choosing lucky names! More information is given about person-to-person relationships in the new eBook My Fortune. No doubt the readers will find Science of Fortune and also the eBook My Fortune the most valuable books on earth that help them attain peace, prosperity and harmony.

So far I was under the impression that Mathematics had only four facets, but this man - Pandit Sethuraman has revealed to me amazingly that it has a fifth facet too. Truly, he is a great genius! He also published it in three other languages including Chinese.

He has clients in almost all countries of the world. His researching attitude has helped him reach the pinnacle of his profession. His continuous research on the subject of Numerology with respect to Birth and Destiny numbers revealed lot of interesting and useful findings that enabled him to bring out the eBook My Fortune for global readers.

Born in , Sri. He has travelled all over the world and provided consultation to top corporate bodies and individuals. What more, there is cordial relationship between the Managements and the employees too! Top industrialists who belong to the important sectors like the automobiles, textiles, chemicals, cement, shipping and oil frequently consult him and are profoundly benefited by his advice.

May the mother who is the Embodiment of wisdom and who enthused me in the research of material contained in this book and who is constantly revealing the truth day and night through men and events, bestow her grace on the readers and make their lives greatly successful! All people in this world would like to have a comfortable living without difficulties, but it does not happen.

The reason for this is rather difficult to analyse. This book tells us that by utilising the wonderful avenues of life in this birth, we can live comfortably and happily.

Those who follow the text of this book are sure to achieve the prescribed results. The text of this book is based on research and practice. Those who strictly follow the principles of this book are sure to achieve whatever they desire, despite the deeds in their previous birth. Whatever they are destined for, they will attain the same at the appropriate time, according to the will of God.

God is Almighty. All sciences exist in the world today due to the blessings of God. Everyone has experienced the proverb, Without Him, not even an atom will move. I strongly believe that this book will bring solace to many people.

I can fully endorse that the author wrote this book just like Saint Valmiki wrote Ramayana after his realization of God because of divine grace. I pray to the all pervading Goddess that she blesses all those who follow the contents of this book with prosperity and happiness and blesses the author as well as the persons who encouraged the publication of this book. The saint who wrote this foreword was an extraordinary person.

Hence, his foreword stands as a testimony to the importance and sacredness of this book. The table given above is based on the Chaldean system, a rather ancient but accurate system. Because of its Mystic nature dealing with the invisible forces at work in human lives, the interpretations are simplified in this book. His magnum opus, Adhishta Vinghyanam in Tamil Science of Fortune in English , stands as a glaring testimony even to-day to his genius and his uncanny ability of peeping into the lives of millions of people born on various dates from the 1st January to 31st December in any year.

No other Numerologist in the world ever dreamt of the possibility of giving predictions to the Name numbers beyond It was only Pandit Sethuraman who unearthed the mysteries of Name numbers upto , after years of relentless research into Hindu, Chaldean and Pythagorean systems of Numerology!

When he published his findings in the form of a book in Tamil in , it was an instant success! As his son, disciple and a practitioner of Numerology, I am justly proud of him! In any field of learning, formal education and training are of utmost importance. Panditji had all these qualities and to cap it all, he had a noble heart! Those who benefited from his accurate predictions and sincere guidance and attained phenomenal success are still living in various parts of the world to tell the tale, praising their Guru who showed them the path to fortune!

The book Science of Fortune written by him was first published in It has seen its twentyfifth edition in Tamil in the year and the first English edition in What more, it has been published in four other languages also, including Chinese!

When Pandit Sethuraman left for his heavenly abode in the year , he had left a legacy for the humanity that is constantly aspiring to succeed in life. Because of his attitude of helping his clients, irrespective of their caste, creed or faith or even their financial status, he is literally worshipped by them!. He himself would not have imagined that, as a young man who served as an officer in the British Indian Army during World War II, he would later become a Numerologist of world renown who would be recognized as the living god of Numerology.

Such was his calling! Greatness was neither thrust on him nor was bought by him as done by some people these days! He was born great! During his military service, he predicted to his commanding officer that if he chose certain dates and time to attack the enemy posts, he would surely win the battles.

It proved to be true! When young Sethu was discharged from the army, he chose to be a professional Numerologist, though many lucrative jobs were awaiting him. After all, years of his study, research and his divine wisdom should be useful to the masses, rich and the poor alike.

Soon his popularity spread far and wide. The number of his clients started swelling and he later commented jocularly about his busy schedule: I wish a day had 48 hours so that I could take some rest! In the course of his career as a professional numerologist, he visited several countries as requested by his overseas clients. Wherever he went, politicians, multi-millionaires, business magnates and also common people flocked to meet him, because he showed them the way to success.

His success as a numerologist transcended not only geographical borders but also the barriers of race or religion. No wonder when Pandit published his ever best-selling work on numerology, Adhishta Vinghyanam Science of Fortune" , it was a great success!

Though a separate book has to be written to list out the VIPs he met and the divine exploits he performed in their lives, employing his numerological skill, it is apt to mention here only a few of them due to want of space.

In , he was introduced to a great genius, famed engineer and Diwan of the princely state of Mysore. He was none other than Sir M. After an interesting discussion with my father, Sir. He has revealed to me that there is a fifth facet to mathematics!

His naming numerologically of a particular type of textile in which a Gujarathi businessman was trading, helped the latter earn millions of rupees! Though it seemed totally unbelievable then, a sick lawyer from Pudukkottai became a judge as predicted by the Pandit!. In , while in Ceylon now Srilanka , he categorically predicted that one Justice Nagalingam would become the Chief Justice, even though the chances were bleak.

But Destiny, as foreseen by my father, had its way and Nagalingam became the Chief Justice under strange circumstances. He predicted in the upper house of parliament during his stay in Ceylon that the persons who would succeed Solomon Bandaranaike, assassinated would be those whose names end with the sound The audience burst into laughter.

How could a man who had no party backing or large following become P. But Pandit was unfazed and smilingly but strongly advocated his theory. Subsequently, when the British Government decided to nominate an interim P. No doubt, in the next meeting, Pandit Sethuraman was given a standing ovation by the audience which included Mr.

Dahanayake also! His predictions about world events well before they happened astonished friends and clients alike. Many of them live even to-day. He authoritatively predicted during a lecture in Jakarta, Indonesia, that the man whose name would appear in the history text books for ages to come would certainly have 46 as his Name Number.

It happened to be Neil.


Pandit Sethuraman – Best Numerologist in India

Some educate and some others elevate them. It is the brainchild of the author who may be truly called Father of Numerology in this part of the country. It was reprinted twenty six times until without any publicity or promotion. Based on several years of intensive study and research into the mysterious but astounding role the numbers play in human lives, the author has discovered a definite pattern of events in human lives, which corresponds to their dates of birth and names. First time in the history of predictive sciences in the world, only Pandit Sethuraman gave readings beyond the number 52 and upto having based the interpretations on the wide array of ancient scriptural and spiritual works in his possession. He explains in the book how people should have spellings of their names and arrangement of letters based on their dates of birth.


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