May General Description. The LF quad low power operational amplifier provides. The amplifier has the same bandwidth, slew. In addition the. The LF also has a very low.

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On-chip zener trimming of offset voltage yields precision grades for dc-coupled applications. BiFET operational amplifiers offer the inherently-higher input impedance of the JFET-input transistors, without sacrificing the output drive associated with bipolar amplifiers.

This makes them better suited for interfacing with high-impedance sensors or very low-level ac signals. They also feature inherently better ac response than bipolar or CMOS devices having comparable power consumption. This makes them uniquely suited for driving transformer loads in modems and other applications requiring good ac characteristics, low power, and high output drive.

Because BiFET operational amplifiers are designed for use with dual power supplies, care must be taken to observe common-mode input voltage limits and output swing when operating from a single supply. DC biasing of the input signal is required and loads should be terminated to a virtual ground node at mid-supply.

The amplifier has the same bandwidth, slew rate and gain 10kR load as the LM and only draws one fourth the supply current of the LM Also has a very low equivalent input noise voltage for low power amplifier. It should be used wherever low power dissipation and good electrical characteristics are the major considerations. Low input bias current 50pA max. High gain bandwidth 1MHz. High slew rate. Low input noise current 0.

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