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Quick Links. Edition: February 27, Lexmark and Lexmark with diamond design are. Table of Contents. Page 2 Improvements or changes in the products or the programs described may be made at any time. Comments may be addressed to Lexmark International, Inc. Lexmark may use or distribute any of the information you supply in any way it believes appropriate without incurring any obligation to you.

Page 4 xxx Scanner—scan quality Page 5 Operator panel Help and Home buttons service check—model Xe Page 7 xxx Key Repeat Initial Delay Page 8 LCD touchscreen removal—model Xe Page 9 System board and inner shield removal—model Xe Page 10 Assembly Cabling diagram 4—model Xe Laser notice The printer is certified in the U.

Page 13 xxx Laserinformatie De printer voldoet aan de eisen die gesteld worden aan een laserprodukt van klasse I. Laserprodukten van klasse I worden niet als ongevaarlijk aangemerkt.

De printer is voorzien van een laser van klasse IIIb 3b , dat wil zeggen een gallium arsenide-laser van 5 milliwatt met een golflengte van nanometer.

Page 15 xxx Japanese Laser Notice Laser notices The manufacturer is not responsible for safety in the event of use of unauthorized replacement parts. Page Preface xxx Preface This manual contains maintenance procedures for service personnel. It is divided into the following chapters: General information contains a general description of the printer and the maintenance approach used to repair it.

Special tools and test equipment, as well as general environmental and safety instructions, are discussed. Page General Information xxx 1.

The operator panel is touch-sensitive and allows the user to adjust the viewing angle. Other print media handling options are also available. Installing an optional Lexmark MarkNet Professional N Series internal print server makes the server the active network connection and disables the standard Ethernet port.

Page Dimensions Lexmark Xe Power levels are shown in watts W. Maximum current is given in Amperes A. We recommend that you try a limited sample of any paper or specialty media you are considering using with the printer before purchasing large quantities.

Page 32 Printing label applications on the MFP requires a special label fuser cleaner. Information on whether your vinyl label converter has passed Lexmark criteria is available at the Lexmark Web site www. Page Selecting Print Media The following paper characteristics affect print quality and reliability. We recommend that you follow these guidelines when evaluating new paper stock.

Transparencies can be fed automatically from the multipurpose feeder and all standard and optional trays, except the sheet drawer. Note: Labels are one of the most difficult print media for laser MFPs. All MFP models require a special fuser cleaner for label applications to optimize feed reliability. Page Card Stock xxx Card stock Card stock is single ply, and has a large array of properties, such as the moisture content, thickness, and texture, that can significantly affect print quality.

Make sure the guides are not placed too tightly against the stack of print media. Page Diagnostic Information xxx 2. Page 41 xxx Callout Operator panel item Function A liquid crystal display LCD which shows home screen buttons, menus, menu items, and values.

Allows for making selections within Copy, Fax, and so on. Indicator light Gives information about the status of the MFP using the colors red and green. Status Indicates MFP power is off. Home Returns the LCD to the home screen. Page 43 For models Xe and Xe, the Menus icon is on a gray bar called the navigation bar. For model Xe, the Menu button is on the left side of the operator panel.

Page 45 If a different value within a menu item is touched, it Submit needs to be saved to become the current user default setting. Submit For model Xe—To save the value as the new user default setting, touch Submit.

Back For all models, touch Back to return to the previous screen, and all the settings for the scan job made on Sample screen one are lost. When a value or setting is selected and saved, it is stored in MFP memory. Once stored, these settings remain active until new ones are stored or the factory defaults are restored. Page Messages And Error Codes xxx Messages and error codes Service error codes Service error codes are generally non-recoverable except in an intermittent condition when you can POR the printer to temporarily recover from the error condition.

Service error codes are indicated by a three-digit error code followed by a period and additional numbers in the format XXX. Page 52 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Replace the modem card. Engine flash error Indicates that the flash which the Replace the system board. Page 53 xxx Service error codes 9xx.

Page 54 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 55 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 56 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 57 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 58 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 59 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 60 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 61 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 62 xxx Service error codes 9xx.

Page 63 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 64 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 65 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 66 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 67 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 68 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 69 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 70 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 71 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Motor on page Page 72 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 73 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page 74 xxx Service error codes 9xx.

Page 75 xxx Service error codes 9xx. Page User Status Displays xxx User status displays. Remove print media from the bins.

The message clears once the output level of the linked bins is no longer full. Interfaces shown without an x or y means the active host interface is a standard interface.

Print, fax, scan, e-mail, copy, or use FTP. Scanner automatic The automatic document feeder ADF cover is open. Call complete A fax call is completed. Dialing A fax number is dialed. If the number is too long to fit on the screen only the word Dialing appears. Change [src] to Lets the user override the current print media source for the remainder of [Custom String] the print job.

Touch Cancel Job if a scan job is processing when the attendance message appears. The print media is previously Name] defined as a custom type from Custom 1 through Custom 6. Touch Continue. Load the specified source that is set for the requested size. Page 88 Touch Continue to clear the message. Some held jobs are not restored. They stay on the hard disk and are inaccessible. Install a new print cartridge to clear the message.


Lexmark X642, X644e, X646e Service Manual



Lexmark X646e User Manual


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