Voir le deal. As a bloodthirsty vampire lord he undertook a long campaign of butchery and terror before being defeated once more, and entombed for all time so that he could never again menace the Old World. But centuries later the witch Jacquetta resurrects this ancient evil, and the Red Duke stalks the night again — a new reign of terror plagues the lands of Bretonnia! Administration Admin Messages : Court extrait : The Red Duke is the latest novel in the Warhammer Heroes range, produced by Black Library, and, as the series title suggests, it focuses on Heroes of the Warhammer world, making this particular series a must for any fantasy fans.

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Bien que la Waaagh! F Fils de Manann. K Kaiserknecht. R Reiksguard Reiksknecht Reiksmarshall. Outils personnels. Ordre de la Lance de Vertu. Chevaliers du Soleil Flamboyant. Chevaliers du Champ Verdoyant. Leurs couleurs sont rouge et or, avec le symbole de la lance et du bouclier. Leurs couleurs sont bleu et noir, avec le symbole de la lance et du bouclier. Chevaliers Navigateurs. Chevaliers du Loup Blanc. Chevaliers du Parchemin. Chevaliers du Corbeau.

Vocation offensive contre les Morts-Vivants. Chevaliers de la Rose Noire. Gardes du corps du Seigneur Protecteur du Stirland en On ignore s'il y a des survivants. Ces chevaliers peu nombreux combattent pour le Hochland.

Johann Kruger est un capitaine de l'ordre. Gorbad en Ordre de l'Ours Noir. Ordre du Lion d'Or. Ordre du Marteau de Sigmar. Chevaliers d'Origo. Chevaliers du Griffon. Chevaliers du Soleil Vengeur. Une compagnie de l'ordre compte 60 chevaliers et hommes d'armes. Le symbole de l'ordre est un griffon peint en rouge. Templiers de Drakenhof. Ordre de Morts-Vivants. Ordo Draconis.

Chevaliers du Sang de Sigmar.


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Ruled by a Royarch , [3a] the nation of Bretonnia has been known throughout the kingdoms of man for having the greatest Knights in the entire Old World , even surpassing that of the Knightly Orders of the Empire. A proud and honourable kingdom, the armies of Bretonnia are comprised mostly of knights and noblemen, who ride into battle with lance, horse, and sword, seeking glory and rooting out injustice wherever they go. Their skills are further enhanced through constant training, battles and tournaments. It is not only Bretonnia's knights who are famed, however, for the kingdom also boasts the finest human sailors in the World. Due to this regime, the combined military might of Bretonnia has surpassed that of even the greatest armies in history. The religion that currently dominates this mighty feudal kingdom is the worship of a local elemental deity known only as the Lady of the Lake.


Henri le Massif


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