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ED COX. JOH N. Tenm Somewhere Jason Shafer. Nathan Shafer. Joe White. Team SoCal Dave Smith. Ki Chang Kim,. Roger LIang. Arthur Nguyen , Team. Intcrweb Dace. Erykah F;Jssct. Stephanie Dane. Daniel Walters. Mike Brodu. Team Canada-Bates Brian. Kit LaHaisc, Heath Hunt. Bob Martin,. JB Dartin Clough. Brebouillct Matheiu. Robert Knight. Aaron Rubm. Amanda Martyn, 1. Kirby, Andrew Flynn. Team Fleeman Luke Fleeman,.

Andrew Snow. Christopher Myers. Cory Mills, Catlin Mills. Lynn Ahlgren. Charles Fox, Eric King. Molly Poole, Albert Koenig.

The writers would like to offer their most sincere thanks. All rights reserved. ISBN: Imperial Families. Minor ctans. History of the B.

Customs of the B. Lands of. Kyuden Ichiro. Heroes o f the I3ndgcr Inn. Ichlro Klhongo. Ichiro Rinko. Jchiro Noriaki. Playing a Badger Clan S murai. New Mcch. New Path:. Bndger Mercenary. New Path: Badger.

History of the Bat Clan. Customs of the Dragonfly CI3n. Lands of the Dragonfly Clan. Kyuden Tonbo. Still Water Temple. The TImeless Plains. Heroes of the Dragonfly. Tonbo Dayu. Tonbo Kyuishi. Tonbo Keno. Playing a Dragonfly Samumi. New Mechilnics. Tonbo Mountaineers. New Path: Tonbo Diviner. New Item:. Item: Fan of Void. The Island of. Lost Wilderness. Kyuden KOlllori.

Heroes of the Bat Clan. Heroes of the Hare Clan. Playing a Bat Clan Samurai. Playing a H:lTe Clan Samurai. New Mechanics. New Advanced School:. Komori Summoner. Hare Trusthseeker.

New Spell: Friendly Swarm. New Path: Ujina. New item:. The Blade of Koumori. Path: Usagi. New Advantage: Ujina's Legacy. Tetsubo of Thunder. History of the Monkey Clan. Toku Torid-e. Vigilant Keep Do 0. The Diligent Estate. Heroes of the Monkey Clan. Taruri Kyojl.

Playing a Monkey. Cbn s. New Path: Fuzake Diplomat New Item: Armor of light. New Item: Armor of. Magistrate's Blade. New Ka ta:. Body Clears Mind. History of the Oriole Clan. The Ruins of Otosan lIchi. Ninubc Stronghold.

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Fealty and Freedom

We are not the footnotes of history. We follow in the footsteps of heroes. Almost since the Dawn of the Empire, the Emperor has retained the right to create Minor Clans as reward to those who have served him with great distinction, and they have carved out the right to be recognized as history. And ronin, though despised as wave-men, are always useful to their betters as freelance soldiers and on occasion important parts of the social order.

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ISBN 13: 9781594720499

Every item in our inventory has been inspected, very strictly graded, and bagged for its protection. Shrink Wrapped. Still in the original factory shrink wrap, with condition visible through shrink noted. For example, "SW NM " means shrink wrapped in near-mint condition. Near Mint.


Fealty and Freedom L5R

ED COX. JOH N. Tenm Somewhere Jason Shafer. Nathan Shafer. Joe White. Team SoCal Dave Smith. Ki Chang Kim,.


L5R Fealty and Freedom*OP (Legend of the Five Rings (AEG))


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