His mother, Bibi Rasti was a Saintly woman. She was spiritually informed of Sultan Bahoo's grandeur and spiritual status before his birth and according to his status-his name-Bahoo One with Hoo was revealed to her. Sultan Bahoo gained his early mystic and spiritual education from his mother. There, Sultan Bahoo took oath of allegiance at the sacred hand of Prophet Mohammad who entrusted him to Hazrat Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani for further spiritual guidance. The splendour of Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo is beyond anyone's speculation.

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Orung Shahi also spelled Aurang Shahi, aurang shaahi. Muhakumul Faqara also spelled Muhkumul Faqara, muhqam ul fuqar. Anul Arfien also spelled Ain ul Arifeen. Jamiaul Asrar also spelled Jamey ul Asraar, Jami al-asrar, jamiul asraar. Amerul konan also spelled Emir ul Konain, Ameer-ul-Konain. He is from the progeny of Hazrat Ali Alihi Isalm.

His translations are considered the most authentic in all translations in Urdu available to date. He translated 27 books from Persian to Urdu. He was also Chairman of the Homeopathic Union of Pakistan. His greatest contribution in Service of Hazrat Sultan Bahu Rahmatullah is not only being Translator but also that he worked a lot with his team in collecting, reviewing and editing all available Persian Manuscripts from all over Pakistan and giving the most authentic ones the shape of book and then printing and distributing them free of cost.

He travelled extensively and worked day and night and dedicated his life for this great cause for which we are all grateful to him and his team. Buy HazratSultanBahu. Kashf ul Asrar. Hazrat sultan bahu books in Kashf ul Asrar Urdu with Persian Hazrat Sultan Bahu, Hazrat Sultan Bahoo, haqbahu, haq bahu, Hadrat Sultan bahu, haq bahoo, sultan bahu, sultan bahoo, sakhi sultan bahoo, sakhi sultan bahu, haq bahoo sultan, bahoo sultan, bahu sultan Rahmatullah Alaihi says: Every that person, who will read this book with genuineness, nothing will remain hidden or invisible for him.

May Allah bless him the best! Kashf ul Asrar hazrat sultan bahoo HazratSultanBahu.


Kashf ul Asrar English Translation with Persian Text

Kashf al-Asrar is the first book that expresses Khomeini's political views. Ruhollah Khomeini wrote Kashf al-Asrar to answer questions about the credibility of Islamic and Shia beliefs that originated in a pamphlet called The Thousand-Year Secrets , which was written by Ali Akbar Hakamizada, who had abandoned clerical studies at Qum seminary. According to Khomeini's son Ahmad , one day when his father was going to Feyziyeh School , he encountered a group of seminary students discussing this pamphlet. Khomeini was worried the views of this pamphlet had infiltrated into the seminaries, and wrote Kashf al-Asrar to answer the pamphlet's questions. The book defends against Hakamizada's attacks against such Shia practices as the mourning of Muharram , ziyara , the recitation of prayers composed by the Imams, [1] clerical fostering of superstitious beliefs to perpetuate their own power, belief in the intercession of Muhammad and his descendants and the lack of any explicit mention of Imamate in the Quran.







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