My gripe is with presenting lists of technical questions for people to cram which the review indicates is what this book is about. Spot false dilemmas now, ask me how! If you're not on the edge, you're taking up too much room. Forum: Book Reviews.

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My gripe is with presenting lists of technical questions for people to cram which the review indicates is what this book is about. Spot false dilemmas now, ask me how! If you're not on the edge, you're taking up too much room. Forum: Book Reviews. Book Review Team. Though there are tons of internet sites listing the j2ee interview questions, the author of this book has taken great effort and care to list the questions and answers.

The book leaves no topics un-turned. Gives very clear and short explanations for every topic and questions and goes through in-detail if needed. This book will certainly help both the interview host and attendee. Very well organized for quick interview preparation as well. The advantages and disadvantages of each piece of j2ee are discussed.

Section 3 of this book "how would you go about Reading this book will sure give you confidence for answering the questions that were not covered in this book for brevity reasons. A best bet for preparing j2ee technical interview and its worth buying.

More info at Amazon. Lasse Koskela. I'd just like to add that getting the technical questions right is not even half the interview. If the interviewers know their job well, it's much more important to act right. Salman Riaz. Hi, What about justifying your skills after getting the job. It is sold only through Lulu at the moment. After this release, I would list this book for global distribution via Lulu. This should enable local distributors to purchase and print this book.

The new version might take months since I am only working part-time on it. Hi Arulkumaran, i already bought your PDF version book. What are the new chapters technologies in your next version? The structure remains the same. I have added interview questions in the Java section and some tips on how to behave right in an interview.

Probably would touch a little bit on Tapestry. Jeroen T Wenting. I feel strongly that any site promoting learning and knowledge over cheating your way into an education and a job should not promote books that facillitate just that. David O'Meara. I like Researching before an interview is an intelligent strategy towards getting a job, it is not cheating. Jeroen, I was meant to say tips on how to act right in an interview i.

I missed the word " right " and it has distorted the meaning. My apologies for coming across incorrectly and thanks for pointing that out and subsequently have corrected my posting. Tips like that are no problem even if most should be bloody obvious and people shouldn't need them.

If you don't know your technical stuff you shouldn't apply for a job. I've seen first hand what can happen when someone is slick enough to cheat his way through interviews with lists like that and a faked resume.

It led to some serious legal trouble for the company when that person was sent to a client and made a royal mess there which cost that client millions. Vipin Seth.

Hello Arul, The sample pdf is a good refresher. I wanted to purchase the e-book but somehow on Lulu am not able to do so, its not allowing me to download during checkout. Can you please provide me the link to purchase the e-book copy or some other ways where I can get the copy? Thnx, Vipin. It may take minutes depending on your connection speed.

Also I was told that, Even though this is a downloadable purchase, the shopping cart requires a shipping address. If the buyer does not provide one, the cart just refreshes, but does not proceed with the order. Neel Joshi. AK Pillai, I am thinking to buy this book but interested in the latest release so any idea When would be the new release of this book come up? Bert Bates. My reaction to that is that any tech company whose interviewing process is successfully "crammable" deserves what they get.

Originally posted by ak pillai: I would say in about months. I will be waiting for it. Also depending on the level of knowledge, one can easiliy find additional information on the web once you know the key terms to search for from the book.

So the book has been categorized by key areas like threading, transaction management, memory issues etc and technologies like Java. If some one is cramming for a senior level position then as was suggested by Bert Bates, you need to filter that through a proper interviewing process. I am currently working for an Investment Bank, which has a very thorough recruitment process.

This book does not provide one line answers to the questions as many of the Job Interview sites do. This book provides concise and clear explanations with examples, diagrams etc.

I found the book very beneficial. Its useful for reference as well as interview preparation. Ernest Friedman-Hill. Indeed, given that g. And this tiny ad:. Boost this thread! BEA Weblogic Server 8. Official Eclipse 3. Java How To Program by H. Deitel, P.


Download Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion pdf by Arulkumaran ...

Recommend Documents. Job Interview Tips. Before the Interview: Learn all you can about the company. Have specific job or jobs in mind. Complete Mini Resume'. Other Frequently Asked Questions Included in this publication are networking tips, tools to prepare you for the.


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