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Kedungmundu Raya No. Open Journal Systems. Journal Help. User Username Password Remember me. Notifications View Subscribe. Font Size. Abstract Design of handloom with PLC controllers aims to optimize the process of manufacture woven fabrics in small industry in the district. The main problems experienced by users is the length of time handloom woven fabric production as a result of the movement still manually using hands and feet.

PLC function replaces lade movements, stamping, and rolling the fabric using a piston. Air from the high pressure compressor reduced pressure once the water vapor content of the regulator. PLC programmable valve connected to direct air into each cylinder active. The program structure adapted to the construction of woven fabric. Handloom operation simply by pressing a button that is not required excessive time and energy.

Results Design of handloom with the addition of PLC controllers generate 40 meters per day of production before the design is 20 meters per day with one operator, so there was an increase of 50 percent from the prior design and build.

The advantage is flexible, the change and error correction easy, visual observation, speed of operation, safety, the addition a series of quick, simple control system components, reprogramming fast, high efficiency, the amount of production increases as woven fabric qualityisbetter.

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The work of mechanical display LED rotates lines of LEDs in high speed and utilizes the speed of LEDs blink alternately, so in the certain speed can form a character letter or number. The method used in this research is a quasi-experimental methods. Basically, this tool utilizes optical phenomenon commonly called Persistence of Vision. Persistence of Vision is the inability of the human eye to see a rapid change of image, so they translate as image sequence. Mechanical LED display is equipped with Infrared remote to give input in real time on the display.



Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengembangan, unjuk dan tingkat kelayakan autonomous mobile robot sebagai media pembelajaran sensor gas dan logam untuk mata kuliah praktik sensor dan transduser. Jarak deteksi oleh sensor logam yaitu besi maksimal 13 mm, stainless maksimal 20 mm, alumunium maksimal 10 mm, tembaga maksimal 5 mm, dan kuningan maksimal 7 mm. Jarak komunikasi GUI dan robot maksimal m. Dari segi pengguna termasuk dalam kategori sangat layak dengan skor rerata 59,6.


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