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Hello Class, On this link , you can find your grades so far. You will notice that the Practice 2 Grade is missing. The Practice will be either posted, linked on this blog, or emailed to you later on this evening or tomorrow mornig for you to hand it in on wednesday morning at a place to be announced here. Publicado por efl. Hello, students dear, Here is the first exam. The deadline is Monday November 30th, in class.

This is the one and only date for delivery. It is words 20 points. Nice weekend for you'all!!!! Best Wishes, Prof. Angel Ortega. Publicado por Prof. Please check the answer key below and self'evaluate. Facultad de Humanidades. Escuela de Idiomas. IDI stylistics A. Practice Units I—Read the following phrases from different texts below and classify them into Oral or Written according to the variety of language they belong to.

Example: 0. This text belong to the oral variety because the word gimme represents the words give me which are pronounced informally. This text belongs to the oral variety because it contains several samples of contractions and many colloquial words.

She died and for a while the prince was utterly prostrated… he did not rend his garments as the custom was, for his love was too great for such extravagance.. I was lying in bed… I was awake, and, er, my roommate was away at the airport… meeting some relatives, and so I was all alone, and I started hearing noises on the roof of my bedroom.

It was a tin roof and um, I heard footsteps and creaking sounds on the the tin, you know, and an, another noise. So… there I am, lying there, thinking what on earth will I do, and I finally figured that probably the person there thought there was no one home and was just trying to break in trying to rob the place so I had a brainwave [laughs] and immediately the person ran across the roof and jumped off, er, and landed on the lawn.

I heard a thud. Well, they were, they were there, really quickly. Besides, the words used are colloquial ones. II—Rewrite the underlined part of the text in item 4 above into the other variety. If it belongs to the oral variety rewrite it into the written variety; if it belongs to the written varie ty do otherwise, that is, transcribe it into the oral variet y. Use the 3 rd person singular.

It was something that happened when he was living in Western Samoa. He rented a house and his bedroom was actually separated from the rest of the house.

He was awake lying in his bed. He was alone and suddenly he started hearing some noise on the roof of his bedroom, he heard footsteps and a creaking sound on the tin. In the case or rhyme say what kind of rhyme, if end e , full f , assonance a , consonance c , internal i , or Visual v.

This continual shushing annoyed him. And his cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold. No birds were there though. For those who can read. Hello, students, I hope you've been reading and doing the exercices we talked about about two weeks ago. Anyway here are the exercises from the nouns section : page ex.

From the Pronouns section do: p. From the Adjective section do: page exs. Just download by clicking here: English Verbs In four Pages!!! Hello Dear students, Here's a webpage I found. It's excellent for yopur grammar practice and expansion activities. Stylistic Devices. IDI Stylistics online Practice. Hello Dear students, below you 'll find a link to a page where you cant quiz yourself on the different stylistic devices you have seen or ar goin to see in our class.

Quiz yourself by clicking here. I hope you enjoy and profit!!! Metodo de Ingles JMA. Viejo pero efctivo. Haz click aqui para descagar. The Oxford Grammar for Schools is here for all of you who wants to improve your English and support your onw learning. Click on the title to download. Once of the website , scroll down and click on "slow download". Then, right click on each and unzip it. File 1 File 2 File 3. Review Chapters 1,2,3, about Simple Present.

IDI B. Click on the Link to download. Hello again Grammar Experts-to-be, Here you can find and download Glencoe 12 Grammar and Composition Books for your personal reference use. Hope you profit from this. See you in class. Please donwload and right click to open and install. Be watchful for other interesting posting. It should now work properly. Wednesday, September 2, Why do people read?

General Introduction and Units Exercises in Stylistics. This blog here is another instrument we will be using on and for our stylistics class. As I told you the on the first face-to-face class we had, you had to do a lot of reading with no delay, in advance and constantly.

So, after almost three weeks from that day, I expect you to have already fulfilled most, if not all, of that task. The other texts deal with this subject from their own perspectives or objectives of communication. In other words, you the writer or any person using language either in its oral or written variety make conscious or unconscious use or words and expressions in order to better communicate your ideas and accomplish or get what you want. These expressions and words are very closely related to these Styles or Kinds of Texts for historical reasons.

We might also say that the date is important for both a letter and a newspaper. However, in both the date will appear in different places or positions. In addition, both the letter and the newspaper are addressed to a person, but in a letter, more than usual, the person addressed is known and mentioned in the letter. In the newspaper, that person is not mentioned because it is anybody who could buy or get one. Of course, there are letters that are open, that is, addressed to anybody, but even so they still differ in other aspects such a, the extension of the writing, the types of writings, the organization of the words or expressions used in them.

However, the range of topics in a letter is reduced to one mostly i. Which one is more literary? Why do you think so? What is the connotation? Can those characteristics of a type of text be shared with the other types? Well, enough by now. Hello Dear students. Here is a link to a webpage where you can practice your English online. To access, just click on the link. Then, click on the book number you are studying and surf through the Units you want to practice or review. Enjoy and Learn!!!

Click on here to practice your English!! Touchstone Books second edition Audio Files Link. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.


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