Storyteller and a wireless or usb keyboard Ouroboros Lord-Kamina: it would be much easier with a scope Lord-Kamina I'm thinki t's most likely the batteries not doig proper contact Storyteller Im leaning toward Nvidia's SHIELD Storyteller but it has a capacitive digitizer, instead of a wacom active digitizer Ouroboros yes Lord-Kamina But since I already opened it, wanted to check components. Casper does anyone here do brazing with mapp gas? Ouroboros Storyteller: something like that Ouroboros Storyteller: want to see how well wacom pens work underwater Storyteller why? Ouroboros Loshki: they all kinda suck Ouroboros so i can use it underwater Storyteller and no, Im not going to buy a tablet and put it underwater for your benifit RoChess the Surface Pro range comes with a nice pressure sensitive pen as well Ouroboros not the tablet, just the pen Storyteller pen has to touch the tablet Ouroboros RoChess: is it also wacom?

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V olume 18 Issue 8 Ma y Dedicated to the cause of chemical industries. Nandini Chemical Journal, May Nandini Institute of Chemical Industries. Editor - Publisher. Fax: E-mail Address :. Annual Subscription Rates :.

Inland :. Subscription Charges payable in advance in favour of. Views expressed in this journal are not necessarily of the. ISSUE 8. Agitation Against Endosulfan In India. Cassava Root As Biofuel. Prospects For Liquid Fuel. Antimatter: A Future Fuel. Scrap Tyre Utilization - Investment Opportunity. Bisphenol A — Product Profile. News Round Up — International. China News. News Round Up — India. Agro Chemical Page. Maize Production Trend In India. Refining Process For Aloe Vera.

Technology Development. Energy Page. Pharma Page. Environmental Page. Price Details. There have been huge concern in India in recent times about the lack of adequate focus on capacity creation in chemical industries in the country. As a result, import of chemicals in India are rapidly increasing, that can now be called as alarming level. Still, there is no indication that active steps would be taken to create manufacturing capacities for various chemicals in India to the extent required, in tune with the growth in the demand.

Under the circumstances, it appears to be inevitable that the demand for import of chemicals would further steadily go up in the country in the coming years, that would make India as global import hub for chemicals.

There is already enough indication that capacities for chemical projects are being built in countries like China, Korea and Middle East countries with an eye on grabbing the Indian market. Many of these countries are considerably banking on Indian market for their product outlet.

Obviously, Indian chemical industries appear to have lost the initiative in building capacities due to lack of pro active government policies and failure to build up appropriate investment climate in the coun try.

In such conditions, it would be appropriate to ponder about the difference between the conditions in India and China and why massive growth in capacity creation are occurring in the chemical industries in China that are not ha ppening in India. This is so, inspite of the fact that both the countries have number of similar advantages. Government of China has succeeded in creating an appropriate investment climate in China, where multi national companies largely based in Europe and USA find it attractive to make their investment in China and build project capacities in China based on their advanced technologies.

In this process, they not only build capacities in China with the objective of meeting the surging demand in China but also to use their investments and presence in China as spring board to market their products an d services to other countries in Asia Pacific region. In this process, chemical industries in China have gained enormously.

It should be said to the credit of Government of China and project promoters in China that they have created high level of confidence amongst the overseas investors to enter and operate in China with long term prospective plans. China has gained by not only getting investment capital but also receiving substantial technology inputs. It would otherwise, have taken many years for China to develop such advanced technologies that are necessary to be competitive in the global market and forge ahead.

Obviously, neither the government of India nor the project promoters in India have been able to position themselves adequately, as have been done in China. Therefore, this implies that the difference between the conditions in India and China are basically due to their respective approaches to the issues and not any fundamental factors. Period April to March. Import quantity in India in tonnes. The authorities had carried out the investigations after receiving an application from Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd.

The authorities had imposed provisional anti-dumping duty on imports of acetone from these countries in Apr il In its recommendations, the Authority said that it is of the view that imposition of final duty is required to offset dumping and injury pending completion of the investigation. Endosulfan is insecticide and European Union EU in withdrew all authorisations for use of plant protection products containing endosulfan.

Some 60 countries including the 27 EU members States and 21 in Africa have favoured banning the endosulfan. US and the EU have banned endosulfan. It is not approved to be used in rice fields in several other countries. The use is severely restricted in others. India is an important producer and exporter of endosulfan.

The Stockholm Convention, to which India is a signatory, requires parties to eliminate or reduce the release of POPs into the environment. Though many countries have banned endosulfan, indications are that India may not to do so at All India level, though the states of Kerala and Karnataka have banned the use of endosulfan. The Supreme Court of India has sought response from the Government of India on a petition seeking ban on endosulfan pesticide across the country.

The agitation against endosulfan reache d a feverish pitch in India with the Chief Minister of Kerala going to the extent of resorting to a day long fast, demanding that the Government Of India should ban the use of endosulfan all over the country immediately.

The linkage between endosulfan and human miseries had come to the surface for the first time in Kerala state in India in the s, when several. A few. Recently, another study found that the indiscriminate use of the endosulfan in Kasargod in Kerala affected the biodiversity in the area.

While there have been huge concern about the use of endosulfan in India. Indian pe sticide industry have opposed listing. Perhaps, the argument of Indian pesticide industry is that endosulfan has been under use for several decades in India and not many accidents have been reported.

Obviously, the proble ms are due to the indiscriminate spraying of endosulfan without following the stipulated standards by the innocent farmers and failure of pesticide industry to instruct and guide the farmers suitably.

Any pesticide is a killer and it should not be used more than the stipulated dosage level. There is need for bala nce between the necessity for use of pesticides and limiting its us e to the extent possible. The Government of India should follow the stand taken by several countries including those in European Union and ban the use of endosulfan in India, particularly in the present conditions, when the pesticide industry and the government agencies are unable to restrict the use of endosulfan within the prescribed standards.

There are other pesticides which can be used to substitute for endosulfan and Indian pest control efforts will not come to a halt with the ban on use of endosulfan. Of course, the industries producing endosulfan in India would suffer. That is the price that they have to pay for the environmental concern.

Singapore based Nandini Consultancy S Pte. The book discusses the causes for uncertainty in oil price and the likely futuristic scenario, with number of tables and charts with explanatory notes and investigative analysis. The publication would be sent in the form of hard copy and CD immediately on receipt of the order along with the payment.

The cheque should be drawn in favour of Nandini Consultancy Centre P. Tel: , , E-mail: nandinichemical airtelmail. As testing of chemicals is a labour-intensive and expensive process with duplication being quite common as the same chemical is being tested and assessed in several countries, the OECD Council adopted a decision way back in to relieve some of this burden.

Accordingly, it was agreed that data generated in a member country in accordance with OECD Test Guidelines and Principles of Good Laboratory Practice GLP should be accepted in other member countries for assessment purposes and other uses pertaining to the protection of human health and the environment.

A further Council Act was adopted in to provide safeguards for assurance that the data is indeed developed in compliance with the Principles of GLP. Subsequently, a Council decision on the Adherence of non-member countries to the Council Acts related to the MAD in the assessment of chemicals set out a step-wise procedure for non-OECD countries with significant chemical industry to take part as full members in this system.

Gove rnments need to verify compliance of laboratories with the latter standard by using the OECD agreed producers. OECD countries — and now India, South Afri ca and Singapore — have implemented this system through the appropriate legislative and administrative procedures.

This would help pave the way for the remov al of potential non-tariff trade barrier between countries for marketing chemicals. India is the third emerging economy to join this pact after South Africa and Brazil. India's entry into this pact would ensure that the results of non-clinical ch emical safety testing done in India would be accepted in all other participating countries. Cassava is being used for biofuel in China, just as rapeseed is being used in Europe, and sugar cane elsewhere.

Cassava is a relatively new entrant in the biofuel stream. The starchy cassava root has long been an important ingredient in everything from tapioca pudding and ice cream to paper and animal feed. Driven by new demand, the exports of cassava chips have increased nearly fourfold since , and the price of cassava has roughly doubled. In the US, Congress has mandated that biofuel use must reach 36 billion gallons annually by Two women were killed and another inju red in an explosion in a fireworks unit in Sivakasi in Tamil Nadu.

The women were stringing together crackers when the blast occurred. While one teenaged died on the spot, the other died at the Sivakasi Government Hospital. The shed was destroyed. The workers had allegedly been testing some samples and the sparks fell on some stocks setting off the explosion. The specialist panel appointed by the country's nuclear regulator Atomic Energy Regulatory Board to assess safety provisions at existing atomic power plants will comprehensively review the storage of spent fuel at all nuclear power plant sites.



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