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Rationale: There is nothing that grounds men and women more concretely than the work of their hands. When Plato claimed that man, more than anything else, is his soul and his capacity to think, and Aristotle added that his being social and political is what sets him apart, the masters of thought disappointed by missing out on one of the most important aspects of man: his capacity to create and appreciate these creations The Authors, Art Appreciation, Rex B.

Course Description: Nature function and appreciation of the arts in contemporary society. Vision of the College. Produce graduates who can integrate their knowledge, skills and values in their service to God, country and family; 2.

Program academic offerings and other services to ensure that graduates will be able to provide for the basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, health care and education for their families; 3. Contribute to the economic development, social, intellectual, moral and scientific progress of the community, through relevant and accessible course offerings and services; 4.

Be an active promoter in the revival and preservation of desirable cultural heritage, values, practices, traits and other distinctive features that compose the Filipino national identity.

Promote the advancement and spread of new knowledge through involvement in research and linkages with research centers through modern technology and provide opportunities for freedom of inquiry and hones research in the field of learning.

Learning Outcomes A. Knowledge 1. Demonstrate proficient and effective communication writing, speaking, and use of new technologies 3. Use basic concepts across the domains of knowledge 4. Demonstrate critical, analytical, and creative thinking 5. Apply different analytical modes in problem solving B. Skills 1. Appreciate the complexity of the human condition 2. Examine the contemporary world from both Philippine and global perspectives 4.

Take responsibility for knowing and being Filipino 5. Reflect critically on shared concerns 6. Generate innovative practices and solutions guided by ethical standards 7. Make decisions based on moral norms and imperatives 8. Appreciate various art forms 9. Contribute to aesthetics Advocate respect for human rights Values 1. Work effectively in a group 2. Apply computing tools to process information effectively 3.

Use current technology to assist and facilitate learning and research 4. Negotiate the world of technology responsibly 5. Create solutions to problems in various fields 6.

Numerical Grade Point Value Description 1. On the Conduct of Classes 1. Class meetings may be done separately from the other class, but there are occasions that classes may be merged with the other section. Team teaching may be employed in this course. On Attendance 1. Three times tardy in class would be equivalent for one absence. Attendance would be considered when rating class participation. Attendance would be checked to monitor if a student is still part of the class.

For absentee student, the College policy in dropping a student from the course would be observed. On Class Participation 1. On Examinations 1. The course uses alternative assessment. Thus, less pen and paper exams are expected. Delayed examination may be given consistent to the policy of the college.

Garing, Jezreel Ann R. Casaul REX Bookstore. Art textbook in art contribute to the appreciation? Give examples to of man? Ariola, pp. What is textbook in choice of subjects Mediums of the Visual arts technique? Humanities Second for their artworks?

Mosaic What are the different mediums Answer the test in complexity of the meaning conveyed by Ariola, pp. Mediums of the Performing pp. Methods of Art Production and Presentation pp. Arts: eye movements and b various Answer the test in p. Humanities Second consider as the most and colors Design: Harmony, Rhythm, important?

Edition , Mariano M. If no, why not? What is the make balanced Principles significance of compositions When are windows, doors, and variety in art? Answer the following on a piece 8 select and arrange objects of paper.

Why compositions or designs forms is this so? Attach at least two pictures depicting the following in a short bond paper. Harmony of lines b. Harmony of size c. Harmony of texture d. Harmony of color e. Bisymmetrical balance 3. Paste them on a short bond paper. Answer the multiple selected illustrations that lifelong learning are characteristic of a Romantic, Modern choice test in p.

Look for old periodicals century, 20th century newspapers, magazines, or journals and cut out pictures that The development of represent the development of pp.

Paste them on a short world, Medieval world, bond paper. Write a caption below Modern world, each picture. Contemporary world. How would you describe Hindu choice test in p. Activities: 1. Research on other examples of Asian art. Discuss how art influenced the lives of the people in the different Asian regions. Visit a place museum or art center where the artworks of a particular country are kept. Philippines during Spanish time Second Edition , Period? Explain Development of Paintings Mariano M.

Examine the in the Philippines Who founded the Academia? Why contemporary world was it founded? Answer the multiple from both Philippine Development of Sculpture pp. Activity: Make a replicas of famous Architectural Designs in the Philippines.

Second Edition , of cinema in the periods of time. Development of Music in Mariano M. Cite the Examine the the Philippines Why were drama and poetry events and people contemporary world hardly written during the early involved in its from both Philippine Development of Literature period of literature? Name at least four of these essayists. Development of Cinema in pp. What are Contribute personality Region: Woodcraft, Music the proofs of their and meaningfully to the What does the sarimanok nomadic nature?

Research on other musical examples of instruments of the Cordillera artworks from the region and the Muslim South Cordillera Region and the Muslim south. Look for the following: a. Mariano M. Describe etc. Summarize or describe Tchaikovsky, Guiseppe his work in a separate sheet of Verdi. What is meant by etc.

Jose Joya What was Carlos Francisco major a. Pedro Activity: Select one works of each artist you have selected.


Art Appreciation (GE6) Syllabus

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Introduction to Art Appreciation: A Textbook in Humanities

Objectives of Humanities: a. Orientation to: i. Two-imensional arts a. Three-imensional arts a. Humanities: i.


Handouts Prelims Art Appreciation

This work is dedicated to the victims of extrajudicial killing and the wrongfully accused who linge.. Library Science. Information Resources. Education Fine Arts General works Geography.

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