It offers advice on various aspects of PCs and related items, the Internet, and other personal technology products and services. In each publication, PC World reviews and tests hardware and software products from a variety of manufacturers, as well as other technology related devices such as still and video cameras , audio devices and televisions. In August , he replaced Steve Fox, who had been editorial director since the December issue of the magazine. Fox replaced the magazine's veteran editor Harry McCracken , who resigned that spring, [3] after some rocky times, including quitting and being rehired over editorial control issues in PC Magazine was also acquired by Ziff Davis. Martin, and others.

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Out of university, when usually people are gung-ho about entering the corporate world and doing the best in their jobs, Aulia Halimatussadiah did something unusual. When she was 23 years old, she quit her job as a web developer to start her first business, an online bookstore. Ollie, as she is called by everyone, is a writer of 28 books and founder of tech startups. Zetta Media is a digital media network focusing on building inspiring stories from real people for millenials in Indonesia.

Ollie took Information Technology in the university and worked as web developer for 2. Later she created NulisBuku. Currently, Ollie has initiated 2 non-profit organizations along with her partners. The other one is Girls in Tech Indonesia, where she aims to help women to understand more about the choices they have with technology so they can use it to help problems in the society through their business and eventually become the catalyst of their success.

Ollie has won many awards, some of which are:. She manages to make time to write daily journal and loves to travel and review spa destinations in her free time. About your entrepreneurial journey. Then I decided to make my own online bookstore with more complete features to solve that problem. At 23 years old, I quit my job to build my own business.

While running business, I started writing books. When I tried to publish my 16th book, my script was rejected by the publisher.

This is how I know, how limited the options are for Indonesian youth to express their mind through writing. There were only publishers serving million Indonesian youth under 30 years old. So, to solve that problems, I co-founded Nulisbuku.

Now we have more than , writers and more than 6, books in our platform. In , we created a new platform under NulisBuku, we call it Storial. After NulisBuku and Storial have their own management team and running well, in , I co-found Zetta Media, a digital media network that provide content platforms in several categories that allows community of writers to publish their articles to wider audiences.

Now we have 10 portals under Zetta Media like Trivia. Most challenging assignment so far. Experiences on being a woman entrepreneur. Challenges faced. If anything, the challenge was coming from myself. That I was not confident enough for some years to take investments for my business. How do you believe in making dreams come true? Dreams should be big, it should scare you a bit, but you should be able to make it actionable and make it a gradual success.

Setbacks and Lessons learnt. Like when you push a bowstring, the arrow is only going backward a bit to fly faster and precisely towards the target. Women are the better halves. What does it mean? Your email address will not be published.

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Surpassing barriers through Technology



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