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Since my SIM is a pre-paid one which I use for testing and temporary Internet access, I simply wanted to see how much credit I had there.

But wait! There is no Send SMS -functionality. I got the PDF-manual which said that there would be one. Little bit of Googling revealed that some telcos actually don't put it there. I did get my box from an independent reseller, but it looked like it was a Sonera Telia branded hardware. Little bit of more Googling ended me to one of their competitors, Saunalahti. From their customer support page , I got their firmware, uploaded it and noticed a number of drastic changes. Login screen was changed in to a generic Huawei one.

After login my precious SMS-menu was there! Update 2: Most non-Finnish readers cannot read the telco's support-page. Update 3: There is an article about firmware from 3 Denmark. Archives June May April Recent RSS feeds of this Blog comment feed. Blog Administration Open login screen. Yet another shame on you Sonera!

Why did you leave the SMS-sending out. Display comments as Linear Threaded. Comment 1. Sorry, haven't tried to max it. Two at least. Comments Hello Jari, Huawei B 4G is cool and very fast.

I am in norway with netcom. Can you please send me the full PDF manual for the 4g router. Thank you Comment 1. My PDf-manuals are for Finnish only. Port forwarding meaning access the home server from outside when travelling Comments 2. Hi, the b could support up to 32 Wi-fi devices simultanueously. I believe there's a bug in the firmware. Appreciate any recommendation or a correction to the firmware.

Thanks, Comment 1. I myself am looking for the updated firmware of the huawei B LTE modem. The website where you got the firmware is not in english though. Somy question for you is, did you find an english version somewhere, or does the download of thT site come in multiple languages? Please help. My email is ppluss gmail. Would really appreciate some guidance. Thanks a mil, Paul Comments 5. The firmware I mention in my blog-entry Saunalahti, a Finnish telco has their firmware in dual language Finnish and English.

You can select your UI-language before login from a drop-down element. I'll update the original blog entry with a screenshot of it. Is this firmware locked to this operator? I have used SIM-cards from two separate operators on my B without any issues. Paul Comments 5. I've updated the direct download link into the text. One other question Jari. I haven't noticed any issues with Wifi-speeds.

As I can recall, nobody tested the connection with Windows Phone 8 or iPhone 5. Jari, thanks again for your help and effort. It does work for me. I don't know what could be the problem in your case. Thanks Jari, I will try again. I really appreciate your help! Hi I have now got a new unlocked Huawei B from www. Only problem is the sms function not working when sending. Recieving sms works totaly fine, but not sending.

That Company i incredible!!!!! But I see a sms functions when I go in to router preferences. The router is recieving sms fine but when sending it's not working. What should I do to get it to work? My B was ultimately from TeliaSonera, not directly, but it was. Like I wrote in my blog and as you probably read it , it didn't have the SMS-functionality until I uploaded a competitor's firmware into it.

Thank you, Philip. I tried to get it from the website you provided, but I couldn't! Regards, Comment 1. Hi I havent got any downloadlink. Perhaps you can go to www. I don't now if I can get a copy of the software out from my modem? Is that possible? This should be pretty easy to test Put a Phone Sim. Connect a old phone and then use another phone to call the nr. I have tested the B on number of SIM-cards, some of which have been pre-paid or post-paid.

Everything seems to work in my unit. About the RJconnectors: Dude! I live in Finland. About 20 years ago, I would have an "old phone" to test with.

Today my "old phone" is a Nokia and it has no RJconnector. Thanks Jari for the idea. Thanks a lot Jari! You're welcome. And what fits is a mini-SIM. Those ports are for the VoIP feature that Telia among others has disabled in their firmware. With the correct firmware you have the possibility to connect the router to a SIP provider and use a regular analog phone over your internet connection.

Comments 4. Just discovered - voice calls only seem to work when router is set to 3G. Not sure if this is a network thing or a router thing. Apparrently the mobile station is expected to drop back to 3G automatically for voice at the moment, so maybe the B itself is incapable of doing this. Or as per earlier comment, maybe it does try but it's the network that refuses. There is still a problem however, because once dropped to 3G, it does not automatically revert to 4G after the call is terminated.

One has to manually reset the mode back to 4G. Maybe, this is still a symptom of my particular setup, maybe my 4G signal isn't strong enough for it to automatically re-find it. I generally only have 1 or 2 bars. Does anybody else witness an automatic re-enablement of 4G after a voice call? I've tried to contact Huawei for clarification, will post back any info I get. It's obviously a signal strength issue.

I noticed that the antenna config setting 'auto', seems to detect the presence of an external antenna only if it is a loop type with DC continuity across shield and inner conductor.


Huawei B593 Manuals

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Huawei B593S-22 User Manual

Since my SIM is a pre-paid one which I use for testing and temporary Internet access, I simply wanted to see how much credit I had there. But wait! There is no Send SMS -functionality. I got the PDF-manual which said that there would be one.


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How to setup your Huawei B593 LTE Router


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