Click "Choose Files" button to select multiple files on your computer. Choose target format. Click "Convert Now! The output files will be listed in the "Conversion Results" section.

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Bob Levine September 1, The other day on the User to User forum there was a post from someone who had just switched from Pagemaker and was assured that InDesign in Creative Cloud would be able to open Pagemaker files. Check it out. PageMaker is not there. There it is, clear as day. PageMaker 6. Now, I realize this is not going to affect most users but for those of you that do have a need to open the occasional PageMaker file, consider this your warning. Hang on to CS6. I tried the place menu selection, and PageMaker files of any sort are not listed.

What should I do? I feel duped. Placing is for putting graphics into an InDesign page. Some time ago, I accepted a job which had lots of old PageMaker 5 files. The better the PageMaker was structured, the better the conversion and the opening of the file works. I have a new job since Pagemaker 6. How can I do this without having to pay for CS6? I found this thread, maybe give it a try. Why would that be helpful in getting real work done?

My response goes to the request above for a download of CS6 with no CC subscription. That I should have replied to that thread is now obvious. But I was in the same straits. That damned error message rendered my CC subscription useless, the down side to cloud based systems. By nature I am loath to upgrade to anything unless forced to by clients, hence up to a few years ago I used PageMaker and OS 9 versions of Adobe programs running under Classic.

Since I like to keep older versions of my programs on my computer, accumulated garbage files may have kept CC from working. This weekend I am going to bite the bullet and use Cloud Cleaner and start from scratch, relying on my Time Machine backup to bail me out of any mess I get into.

Mark: But my question is why would anyone want a trial version of CS6? How is that helpful? CS6 trial appears to open my old PM 6. Despite the forums and troubleshooting guides from Adobe I could not for the life of me get rid of that damned error message, which prevented opening any CC app.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. It was CC installer that was conflicting with my older versions of Creative Suite and preventing access to Creative Cloud. It would not budge no matter what I did. Looks like a weekend chore for me. At least CC still opens old XPress files. I dropped a 20 year old QXP file on it and it opened easy as pie. I just get an error message. How do you get all those file types to show so you can select Pagemaker files?

I wonder if this is an absurd question- I have some really ancient Pagemaker files version 4. Trying to open Adobe PageMaker 7. Thanks Adobe, when I finally make the switch, you are useless. I need to convert some pagemaker 6. Your email address will not be published.

Our guide to discovering all the great resources on the site! Sign Up Today! Thanks for coming to InDesignSecrets. Bio Latest Posts. Bob Levine is a graphic designer and a consultant focused on providing InDesign training and guidance in developing efficient, collaborative workflows to those moving from QuarkXPress or PageMaker.

He has more than 15 years of industry experience and has been using InDesign since version 1. For more background, visit his website, www. Latest posts by Bob Levine see all. Hang onto CS6. Unfortunately, I do not have a subscription to CC- I am using the trial version.

Hello, I have some old pagemaker 7 files. Can I open them in Indesign CS4? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sign up for the InDesign Tip of the Week. By signing up, you agree to let us send you occasional emails. Please read our privacy statement here. Recent comments Recent Forum Posts. Podcast All Episodes Subscribe in iTunes. Get in Touch info [at] indesignsecrets. Follow Us! Your email address for newsletter


PageMaker to InDesign CS2 conversion

I purchased a copy of Illustrator hoping i could just open the PM6. ADOBE what is your opinion on this matter? Why is there no conversion method available to graphics professionals and individuals? Are we just left for fodder? Thank you. Thank you everyone for your responses.


How to Convert an Adobe Pagemaker 6.5 File to a Word File

Log In. Iechyd da! John Glannau Mersi, Lloegr. RE: Opening 6. One is a G3 running Pagemaker 6.

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