Johannes Heidenhain GmbH, All rights reserved. Heidenhain linear encoders are available with following incremental output signals:. For detailed specifications of the individual series, please refer to the brochures below or contact us. Heidenhain Linear Scales. Siebert Automation supports the following series. LB series.

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Length : 70 mm - 2, mm Resolution : 1 nm - 50 nm. The LC-4X5 Linear Encoder model ensures near-perfect measuring, via intricate design and engineering. This brings in high level of precision and accuracy to the process of encoding within the measuring Length : mm - 4, mm Resolution : 1 nm - 50 nm. The Heidenhain Absolute Linear Encoders are operated through transmission of absolute value that pasees to the EnDat interface or to any other several serial interface.

The Absolute Linear Length : 3, mm - 28, mm Resolution : 10 nm - 50 nm. The LC Sealed Linear Encoder is an absolute linear encoder with a full size scale housing,sturdy construction and high vibration resistance, and measures lengths Heidenhain's LF has considerable repeatability, requiring solo-range scanning and temperature quality similar to that of cast iron or steel.

Sealed Linear Encoder LF series has an optimum repeatability, high vibration rating, and two mounting approach. It has thermal performance same as that of a steel or cast iron, and single-field scanning. Heidenhain LS incremental linear encoders are ideal where installation space is constrained.

The encoders have slimline scale housing. With the help of mounting spars or clamping The Heidenhain LS is a high precision incremental linear encoder designed for numerically controlled machine tools.

It is equipped with a full sized scale housing while featuring resistance to shock The LB is an incremental linear encoder with a scale housing that is full-sized.

Reclining mounting is available as an option. It is also available in a mirrored version. The measuring standard is Sealed Linear Encoder features a mounting with large tolerances, a loading with high acceleration and a convenient installation.

The Linear encoder measures up to 30m The Online Industrial Exhibition. My filters. Delete all. Other characteristics. See the other products DR. Evaluate the quality of the search results:. Your suggestions for improvement:. Please specify: Help us improve: remaining Send. Your answer has been taken into account. Thank-you for your help. Subscribe to our newsletter. Thank you for subscribing. There was a problem with your request. Extend the search. Search by manufacturer. With DirectIndustry you can: Find the product, subcontractor or service provider you need Find a nearby distributor or reseller Contact the manufacturer to get a quote or a price Examine product characteristics and technical specifications for major brands View PDF catalogues and other online documentation.

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HEIDENHAIN linear encoders

Sealed linear encoders are protected from dust, chips and splash fluids and are ideal for operation on machine tools. Exposed linear encoders operate with no mechanical contact between the scanning head and the scale or scale tape. Typical areas of application for these encoders include measuring machines, comparators and other precision devices in linear metrology, as well as production and measuring equipment, for example in the semiconductor industry. With incremental linear encoders ,the current position is determined by starting at a datum and counting measuring steps, or by subdividing and counting signal periods. This process is especially simple and fast with distance-coded reference marks. Absolute linear encoders require no previous traverse to provide the current position value. The encoder transmits the absolute value through the EnDat interface or another serial interface.


Heidenhain - Sealed Linear Encoder

An aluminum housing and elastic sealing lips protect the glass scale, scanning carriage and guideway from chips, swarf, dirt and splashwater The Glass scale's scanning carriage travels in a low-friction guide within the scale unit. It is connected to the external mounting block by a coupling that compensates unavoidable misalignment between the scale and the machine guideways. Sealed linear encoders or glass scales, are available with full-size scale housings for high resistance to vibration up to 30 m measuring length, as well as slimline scale housing for limited installation space up to mm measuring length; with mounting spar up to mm. F or manually operated machine tools or universal applications. Linear encoders with slimline scale housing F or numerically controlled machine tools. Call Toll Free:


Length Measurement

Sealed linear encoders from Heidenhain are protected from dust, chips and splash fluids and are ideal for operation on machine tools. They are ideal for machines and other equipment whose feed axes are in a servo loop, such as milling machines, machining centers, boring machines, lathes and grinding machines. The beneficial dynamic behavior of the linear encoders, their high permissible traversing speed, and their acceleration in the direction of measurement predestine them for use on highly-dynamic conventional axes as well as on direct drives. Linear encoders with slimline scale housing The linear encoders with slimline scale housing are designed for limited installation space. Larger measuring lengths and higher acceleration loads are made possible by using mounting spars or clamping elements.

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