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Flandes, A. Hirn, A. Karganov, M. Berger, T. Boehnhardt, H. Heinisch, P. Auster, H-U. Kuwahara, T. Deme, S. Reitz, G. Hajek, M. Auster, H. Seidensticker, K. Hirn A. Kotova, G. Verigin, M. Shutte, N. Gringauz, K. Rosenbauer, H. Nagy, A. Verigin, I. Remizov, A. Grard, R. N:, Remizov, A. Vladimirova, G. Akatov, Yu. Afonyn, V. Bencze, P. Csoportunk a Isotopes , Modelling and calibrating charged particle detector telescopes with Monte Carlo simulations.

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Magyar elektronika Hungarian Electronics 5 9 : Szemerey, I. Magyar elektronika Hungarian Electronics 5 8 : Farkas J.


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