Awkwafina is a Golden Globe winner, stars in blockbuster films, and has her own show. But she took some big risks along the way. Watch now. After receiving an inheritance in Louisiana, Los Angeles reporter Irvin Fletcher heads to the Belle Isle plantation where he gets himself into hilarious trouble.

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Why hasn't the cult classic been rebooted? Well, Ryan Reynolds was reluctant to step into the shoes that Chevy Chase filled so famously. Ben Affleck and Zach Braff just couldn't commit. Inside the unmaking of a beloved franchise. Just grab your leg warmers and your Gordon Gekko suspenders and head to the multiplex. Truman, and Dr. Over the last dozen years, at least four studios have attempted to revitalize the cult franchise Fletch spawned a far less beloved sequel, Fletch Lives , and Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds, Jason Lee, Zach Braff, Joshua Jackson, and Chase himself have all been approached to play the lead.

The Harvard-educated McDonald joined the paper in and was given what sounds like the best job in the world — or in journalism at least. The book was a best-seller, and the author penned 10 more novels involving the character, most notably the origin story Fletch Won. Hollywood was interested in Fletch from the start. Even Mick Jagger. I admire Mick Jagger, but he is not my idea of a young American male.

But filmmakers had rarely taken full advantage of his ad-libbing chops. Chase has fond memories of the leeway Fletch director Michael Ritchie gave him to improvise. I thought it was utterly hilarious. It really could have been his Clouseau. It should have been. Smith was a hot property after the success of his Miramax-backed film Chasing Amy , and Snider asked if there was a project he wanted to do. As a matter of fact, there was.

Smith pitched Son of Fletch , in which Chase would reprise his portrayal of I. But, whatever…. Smith never placed that call. Smith told List he would see if Harvey Weinstein, his mentor at Miramax, was interested in the books. It was Miramax co-president of production Bob Osher, who told List he was in a car with Harvey Weinstein on the way to a screening and that they had seven minutes to make a Fletch deal.

Which they did. But Reynolds was disinclined to play such an indelible character. Disney had bought Miramax 10 years earlier, and the relationship had become increasingly fraught. Smith agreed. The Fletch Won train, it seemed, was finally departing from development hell. According to Smith, the lack of progress caused tension between him and List.

So it created a bad situation. I would dread receiving phone calls from him. But List wanted funny disguises and s— like that. My knowledge bears some stark differences. Among the properties they took with them was Fletch. Smith himself had doubts. But his thing is not that.

By the summer of , Weinstein was in danger of losing the Fletch rights. List put into the contract that I could have nothing to do with this movie ever again at The Weinstein Company. It is personal. It becomes a clash of ego. And if Kevin took it personally, I regret that. Now, Smith thought, Weinstein had to take the notion of casting Lee seriously. Zach Braff was still intrigued by the idea of playing Fletch.

Whoever takes on the remake really has to nail it. Weinstein, on the other hand, adored the screenplay, greenlit the movie, and officially offered the role to Ryan Reynolds. But Reynolds demurred. So did Justin Long. And so did the half dozen other actors who were offered the part. An increasingly disillusioned List was now extending the Fletch rights agreement with The Weinstein Company on a cautious year-to-year basis. The producer claims that Weinstein, a legendarily tough negotiator, tried to get him to grant those extensions for free.

As it happens, there was one easy way the Weinsteins could extend their control over the rights — they could make a Fletch movie, any Fletch movie, no matter how little it cost. List says The Weinstein Company told him they were going to make a cut-rate Fletch Won if he did not give them an extension for free. The Weinsteins had bought the rights to the character of Modesty Blaise, a female adventurer who originally appeared in a British newspaper comic strip, for Miramax golden boy Quentin Tarantino, a huge fan of the fictional heroine.

Tarantino never got around to doing anything with the project, so Miramax produced My Name Is Modesty to ensure the property stayed with the company. Sadly, the possibility that Gregory McDonald would ever see Fletch return to the big screen ended on Sept. Harry Stein delivered his Fletch Won script in April Whether that decision was a merely creative one is open for debate. Will a new movie ever get made? Perhaps it will be Chase himself. David List, on the other hand, remains optimistic.

It is a response that continues to amaze Andrew Bergman, the man who actually wrote most of those lines. Somebody told me that his son had gone to Princeton, and in order to get into an eating club, you had to have memorized Fletch. The curse of 'Fletch'. Save FB Tweet ellipsis More. Image zoom. Randy Tepper. Close Share options. All rights reserved. Close View image.


Screenplay Library

ARC : Fletch goes from a smart-assed investigative reporter to a smart-assed investigative reporter. Fletch, an investigative reporter researching drug trade on the beach, is approached by Alan Stanwyk with a proposition to kill him for fifty thousand dollars. Stanwyk claims he has cancer and the only way to have his insurance payout without suffering is to be killed. Later, Fletch learns that Stanwyk does not have cancer and that he spends time in Utah where he owns a ranch.


The curse of 'Fletch'

Fletch is a American neo-noir comedy thriller film directed by Michael Ritchie and written by Andrew Bergman and is based on Gregory Mcdonald 's popular Fletch novels. Fletch becomes suspicious when he discovers the man is not ill; when he continues to investigate, his life is threatened. The original producer, Jonathan Burrows , also wanted Richard Dreyfuss after Chevy Chase, his high school classmate, initially rejected the part. George Segal was at one point considered but turned it down. Chase years later told Burrows that he never knew about the original offer and that it was his then manager who rejected it. In a interview with Entertainment Weekly , Chase confirmed this was his favorite and most successful part.


This is not for reprint or sale. This script is solely for entertainment or educational purposes only Click here to Listen to the Fletch Midi while you read. The usual scene-- a mix of teeny-boppers, junkies and surfers.



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