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On the The following area is established as a safety zone Bahia de Ponce , on approach to or departure from the Puerto de Ponce waterfront facility in Bahia de Federal Register , , , , Zone; Bahia de Ponce , Puerto Rico. Subzone A, in Ponce , Puerto Rico. The notification was processed in accordance with the regulations of El Salvador has 20 potentially active volcanoes, four of which have erupted in the last years.

Since San Vicente Volcano has had no historic eruptions, monitoring is not a high priority; especially given the current eruptive crisis at San Miguel Volcano. Though probability of eruptive hazards remains low at San Vicente , it is arguably one of the most hazardous volcanoes in the country due to rainfall-induced landslides and debris-flow risk.

At least deaths occurred in November from landslides and debris flows triggered by Hurricane Ida. Peace Corps, U. Representatives from the multi-institutional team also communicate the data to authorities who make better-informed decisions regarding warnings and evacuations, as well as determine suitable areas for population relocation in the event of a crisis.

Data will eventually be used. The zone project currently consists of the following sites in Puerto Rico: Site 1 acres Slavery was a commerce controlled by foreigners, like physician Robert Proust, pharmacist Gaspar Duprel, and Slave trader Juan. Saubot in Ponce.

The trading of negroes is evidence since but intensified in By , Ponce was full of slaves. It continued fiercely until supported by local revenue and investments, however, never developed its own. Slavery grew parallel to the development of the "hacienda", and as such, to the wealth of the foreign businessman. These are considered the first golden years of Ponce 's and Puerto Rico's economic development, which stimulated overall progress, and social well-being.

Volcano-hazard zonation for San Vicente volcano, El Salvador. San Vicente volcano, also known as Chichontepec, is one of many volcanoes along the volcanic arc in El Salvador. This composite volcano, located about 50 kilometers east of the capital city San Salvador, has a volume of about cubic kilometers, rises to an altitude of about meters, and towers above major communities such as San Vicente , Tepetitan, Guadalupe, Zacatecoluca, and Tecoluca.

In addition to the larger communities that surround the volcano, several smaller communities and coffee plantations are located on or around the flanks of the volcano, and major transportation routes are located near the lowermost southern and eastern flanks of the volcano.

The population density and proximity around San Vicente volcano, as well as the proximity of major transportation routes, increase the risk that even small landslides or eruptions, likely to occur again, can have serious societal consequences. The eruptive history of San Vicente volcano is not well known, and there is no definitive record of historical eruptive activity. The last significant eruption occurred more than years ago, and perhaps long before permanent human habitation of the area.

Nevertheless, this volcano has a very long history of repeated, and sometimes violent, eruptions, and at least once a large section of the volcano collapsed in a massive landslide. The oldest rocks associated with a volcanic center at San Vicente are more than 2 million years old. The volcano is composed of remnants of multiple eruptive centers that have migrated roughly eastward with time. Future eruptions of this volcano will pose substantial risk to surrounding communities.

Ponce , Puerto Rico. The application was submitted pursuant to the provisions of the Foreign-Trade Zones The zone project currently consists of fifteen sites The commonly used PLGA-based delivery systems are often limited by their inadequate drug loading and release properties. Our primary goal is to confer the key strength of lipid-based drug carriers, i. The PONC were formulated by emulsification solvent evaporation technique, which were then characterized for particle size, encapsulation efficiency, drug release and anticancer efficacy.

Even after surface functionalization with PEG , controlled drug release kinetics was maintained, with It also showed favorable physicochemical properties and serum stability. In contrast to La Parguera, Ponce has a narrow insular shelf and hosts several river outlets, a commercial port, a regional sewage treatment plant with associated deep water outfall, and three deep dredge disposal sites.

The most impacted sites were located offshore of Cayo Ratones and are in or down-current and in close proximity to one of the dredge disposal sites. There, MCEs are characterized by a steep, irregular, rocky slope with a cover of fine-grained, dark brown sediment, which increases with depth.

At shallower depths, scattered rocky outcroppings are colonized by sponges, black corals and algae. The sediment cover contains two to three times the terrigenous content and a significantly higher percentage of the fine-grained fraction than off La Parguera. Thirteen remotely operated vehicle ROV dives east and west of Ponce showed that the deepest depth at which corals were observed increased with distance from Cayo Ratones and did not approach depths observed off La Parguera except at the eastern-most up-current site, Caja de Muertos, which was also significantly further offshore.

Benthic communities off Caja de Muertos were comparable to those at La Parguera, while off Cayo Ratones, there were no mesophotic corals and sparse development of other benthic macrobiota except sponges. Management authorities should include MCEs when assessing potential impacts from anthropogenic activities and take the necessary steps to reduce local threats.

As a continuation of two recent articles on his life at Spain, the present study deals with his scientific formation at madrid, as pharmacist and as botanist, as well as on his professional activity. Croix, U. The following areas are established as a safety zones during the specified conditions: 1 Port of Ponce , Puerto Rico.

A yard Lago Cerrillos dam, located in the municipality of Ponce in southern Puerto Rico, was constructed in as part of the multipurpose Rio Portugues and Bucana Project. This project provides flood protection, water supply, and recreation facilities for the municipio of Ponce.

The reservoir had an original storage capacity of Sedimentation in Lago Cerrillos reservoir has reduced the storage capacity from During July 29 to August 23, , 8, cubic meters of sediment were removed from the Rio Cerrillos mouth of the reservoir. Taking into account this removed material, the total water-storage loss as of is , cubic meters, and the long-term annual water-storage capacity loss rate is about 45, cubic meters per year or about 0.

The Lago Cerrillos net sediment-contributing drainage area has an average sediment yield of about 1, cubic meters per square kilometer per year. Sediment accumulation in Lago Cerrillos is not uniformly distributed and averages about 3 meters in thickness. This represents a sediment deposition rate of about 18 centimeters per year. On the basis of the reservoir storage capacity of Hydrogeology and hydrology of the Punta Cabullones wetland area, Ponce , southern Puerto Rico, The U.

The Punta Cabullones area is about 9 square miles and is an ecological system made up of a wetland, tidal flats, saltflats, mangrove forests, and a small fringing reef located a short distance offshore. The swales or depressions between successive beach ridges became development avenues for saline to hypersaline wetlands.

The Punta Cabullones area was designated by the U. Fish and Wildlife Service as a coastal barrier in the s because of its capacity to act as a buffer zone to ameliorate the impacts of natural phenomenon such as storm surges.

Total rainfall measured during within the Punta Cabullones area was 36 inches, which is slightly greater than the long-term annual average of 32 inches for the coastal plain near Ponce. Two evapotranspiration estimates, 29 and 37 inches, were obtained for the subarea of the Punta Cabullones area that is underlain by fan-delta and alluvial deposits by using two variants of the Penman semi-empirical equation. The long-term water stage and chemical character of the wetland in Punta Cabullones are highly dependent on the seasonal and annual variations of both rainfall and sea-wave activity.

Also, unseasonal short-term above-normal rainfall and sea-wave events resulting from passing storms may induce substantial changes in the water stage and the chemical character of the wetland. In general, tidal fluctuations exert a minor role in. Structural health monitoring of a reinforced concrete building during the severe typhoon Vicente in The goal of this study is to investigate the structural performance of reinforced concrete building under the influence of severe typhoon.

For this purpose, full-scale monitoring of a story reinforced concrete building was conducted during the entire passage process of a severe typhoon " Vicente. Moreover, it was the strongest and most devastating typhoon that struck Macao since The overall duration of the typhoon affected period that lasted more than 70 hours and the typhoon eye region covered Macao for around one hour. The wind and structural response measurements were acquired throughout the entire typhoon affected period.

The wind characteristics were analyzed using the measured wind data including the wind speed and wind direction time histories. Besides, the structural response measurements of the monitored building were utilized for modal identification using the Bayesian spectral density approach. Detailed analysis of the field data and the typhoon generated effects on the structural performance are discussed. This work reveals one of the most remarkable collective portraits of European painting, making this polyptych an inexhaustible source of readings and interpretations, fueling a secular controversy.

The present work aims analyzing precise an iconographic anatomical image repainted in the 6th panel, or the panel of the Relic. This consists of a central image within a structure shown by a red figure with special reverence. The investigation conducted and justification was based on direct observation and comparative analysis of iconographic data collected in the Museum of Antique Art. The bone pieces were selected at the Museum of Anatomy, Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medical Sciences, New University of Lisbon, and the comparative analyses performed by two observers, with further analysis of the images obtained in the National Museum of Ancient Art using specific software.

What causes childhood stunting among children of San Vicente , Guatemala: Employing complimentary, system-analysis approaches. This study utilizes two different yet complimentary system-analysis approaches to analyze correlations among environmental and demographic variables, environmental enteric dysfunction EED , and child height-for-age stunting metric in Guatemala. Data from two populations of children between the age of three months and five years were used.

The results from the NA of the height-for-age model confirmed pathogen exposure, nutrition, and prenatal health as important, and the results from the NA of the EED model confirmed water source, water treatment, and type of sanitation as important.

The results from the SEM of the height-for-age model confirmed a statistically significant correlation among child height-for-age and child-mother interaction Our approach supports important efforts to understand the complex set of factors associated with child stunting among communities sharing similarities with San Vicente. All rights reserved. Salazar, J. San Vicente or Chichontepeque 2, m a. Its paired edifice rises from the so-called Central Graben, an extensional structure parallel to the Pacific coast, and has been inactive for the last yrs.



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On the The following area is established as a safety zone Bahia de Ponce , on approach to or departure from the Puerto de Ponce waterfront facility in Bahia de Federal Register , , , , Zone; Bahia de Ponce , Puerto Rico. Subzone A, in Ponce , Puerto Rico. The notification was processed in accordance with the regulations of


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