Elora Lg. See on VW Page. Wrench - Hex Key. Request Quote.

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Elora Lg. See on VW Page. Wrench - Hex Key. Request Quote. Samstag Sales is an authorized distributor of Elora hand tools. Please hit reload on your browser to ensure you are seeing the latest update. Please call or email us for a quote on any Elora hand tool. Quick Search. How To Order. Please Note: Our shopping cart is available for your convenience. The shipping is a flat rate calculated by value. Contact us for more shipping options. Machine Shop Tools. Nut Drivers.

Tommy Bar. Contact Files. Oil Service Tools. Electrical Tools. Piston Ring. Wire Brush. Wrench -Adjustable. Feeler Gauge. Radiator Tools. Wrench - Combination. Screwdrivers - SALE! Hex Keys. Wrench - Obstruction. Leather Punch. Spark Plug Tools. Wrench - T-Handle - Flex Joint. Body Tools. Elora Elora Bumping Hammer is made of forged steel, blue lacquered head with ground faces and high grade tool steel C 45 with ash handles.

The hammer head measures mm, round end is 30mm, oblong end is 25x5mm. Overall length is mm and weighs g. Elora Hand Dolly. Size 60x56x56mm. Blue lacquered. Elora Body Spoon. Made with forged high grade tool steel. Size x30x18mm. Elora S And a selection of 7 different uninsulated wire sleeves from.

With 30 terminals of each size. Engine Tools. Elora Piston Ring Pliers. For Rings mm, Nickel Plated with cushion grip handle. Price on Request. Elora S6. Elora S6 Contact File Set. This set includes 6 files that are each mm 6" inches long. They come packed in a blue plastic wallet. A good idea to keep one in your toolkit when taking a trip in your old Volkswagen Beetle.

Good for spark plugs or ignition points. Elora M. Hard to find smaller blades! With tapered spring band steel blades. Overall length mm 4". Elora Z. Width 10mm, blade length mm. This set has some extra thin sizes not found in regular sets.

These are coated in heavy oil for storage. This is a high quality tool Made in Germany. With 8 tapered spring band steel blades. Elora M Metric Feeler Gauge, 21 blades. With the following sizes:. Elora IN Elora IN 22 Impact scewdriver socket suitable for hexagon socket head cap screws. May be used with air or electric power tools. Chrome-Vanadium steel. Elora B. Blade length is 70mm and total length is 90mm. Elora Hacksaw frame with blade.

For hacksaw blades with mm 10" and mm 12" length. Overall length of frame is mm. It has a nice rubber grip on the handle. Elora Center Punch, completely hardened and tempered, working edge sharpened and oiled, shaft is black coated. Elora Multi-Tool. With hammer, pliers, etc.. Black finish, polished steel heads, plastic dip handles. Made with high grade tool steel C Overall length mm 10". Polished chrome shaft.

Plastic handle. FREE Shipping! Nut Splitter. Elora Nut Splitter. To split nuts to strength class 6. For Nuts up to 24mm. Elora L Elora tool number L This socket is made for the drain plug on Caterpillar vehicles. Elora type metric revolving hole punch pliers.

With handle lock. With punch size 2mm, 2. The punch size in use is visiable thru a small window in the head. To keep it in perfect alignment, you can only turn the wheel in one direction and it has a strong spring! Brass anvil. Elora Profile Tinmans Shears.


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This page offers a number of items that we have brought together for you as ELORA trade distributors to make life a little easier. Apart from the form for returning tools to us, you will find various operating manuals and interesting, useful information, e. Dealership and warehouses Germany Worldwide. Please click here , if you like to get more Information on our wide range of products. Our products include:.



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