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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Page 6 E-MU Systems All models feature full-size velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch, pitch and modulation wheels, and 16 controller knobs. E-MU Systems Always connect to the USB port on the computer itself—the USB port on your computer keyboard will not supply sufficient power. Page Software Installation 1. Insert the Xboard installation CD. Double-click the E-MU icon on your desktop. Follow the prompts to install the software. Page Windows Xp OK.

You can also explore the CD and double-click Setup. The installation splash screen appears. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. Double-click on this device and then click on Driver. If the vendor shown here is E-MU Systems, you have run into a different- problem, and you should contact Technical Support. If the vendor shown here is Microsoft, instead of E-MU Systems, you have indeed run into this situation.

Page 14 You may recover by doing the following: 1. Click on Update Driver. If you are running Windows Service Pack 2, following dialog box appears. Select No, not this time, and click Next. Select Install from a specific location Advanced , and click Next. Page 15 Introduction 4.

Select Don't Search, I will choose the driver to install, and click Next. After a few moments, you will see the Microsoft Digital Signature warning. Click Continue Anyway. You should now be using the correct driver. It may be necessary to reboot your computer at this point. Click Next. Click Next again. The Windows logo testing dialog should appear.

Click Yes. Click Finish. Page 18 This button is used to select one of the 16 user patches in memory. Page 19 Main Panel Controls For more information, see page E-MU Systems Page Xboard 61 Panel Controls 2. Zones Enable Enables or disables Zones functions in the active patch. When Zones are enabled, the LED illuminates.

The default setting is for a footswitch. To use a footpedal, see page Footswitch - Accepts either a normally-open or normally-closed momentary footswitch. Page Powering The Xboard 2. Insert 3 AA batteries. The battery compartment on the Xboard 25 and Xboard 49 Insert Batteries Press Enter to confirm the operation, or press Home to cancel the operation.

The octave number appears momentarily in the display. The LED on the transpose button remains lit to remind you that the keyboard is transposed. When enabled, the LED illuminates. A latched key remains on when pressed once. Pressing the key again turns the note off.

Latched notes can be useful to trigger loops or repeating rhythmic patterns without having to hold the key. Page Latch Mode, Zones Enabled Shot and completely change the sound by sending the stored controller messages. This feature can also be used in conjunction with the Knob Bypass control to set up, and then send a group of MIDI continuous controllers messages at once.

See the description of Bypass Mode. Bypass mode allows you to pre-set the knobs to a known position in order to avoid abrupt parameter jumps in performance when you turn the knob.

Page Scrolling Text Display Once you enter a value, the display stops scrolling. This is a necessary compromise to display alphabetical characters on a numeric display. It does not cause a MIDI message to be sent immediately. Page Cc Send On Recall — unlike some settings discussed above, it doesn't need to first be stored in a patch in order to become effective.

See page 29, for detailed information about Latch mode. These are global functions that affect all patches. For example, if Pedal is set to Sus, it will remain so for all patches. Page 40 If on, when you select a new patch, the Edit LED display shows a message indicating whether zones enabled or disabled in the new patch.

Sweep through all possible values without pressing harder either direction than you normally would. As you adjust, the display shows raw control val- ues, reverting to the name of the control you are adjusting. Page 42 High setting being changed automatically so that it remains higher than the new Low setting, and vice versa. Page 43 Turns all zones on or off in the active patch. For the Xboard 61, this serves the exact same function as the Zones Enable button.

All the features of the Xboard are logically displayed on a single page, which makes patch editing a breeze. Select a Patch by clicking its Name in the Bank View section.

Change the order of patches using the Up or Down buttons When set to Off, the stored controller initial value settings will not be transmitted when the patch is recalled via the Xboard front panel. For each of the four Zones, you can see a graphical representation of the keyboard and velocity ranges. Page Zones Settings E-MU Xboard Control As you can see in the illustration below, Zones 1 and 2 have been set up so they have the same velocity range, but occupy different areas of the keyboard.

This type of setup is useful for playing different synthesizers with the same controller. This is kind of like sliding the keyboard up or down an octave, which is useful for reaching zones outside the current keyboard range.

When this button is highlighted the Zone is Enabled. For more information, on after On a PC, select Preferences from the File menu. Backups These options allow you to choose the location where automatic backups will be stored and how many backup files will be retained Revert The Xboard Control automatically backs up the contents of the Xboard whenever you open the editor.

This option restores the Pitch Wheel controller to its normal function as a synthesizer pitch wheel. This feature can only be programmed using the Xboard Control software.

Is GM default mode? DLS compatible? Import DLS Files? Export DLS Files? This manual is also suitable for: Xboard 49 Xboard Print page 1 Print document 73 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Creative X Board Book E Mu Users Manual OpMan, Revision B

Der neuste Download, der fur Xboard 25 verfugbar ist, wird unten aufgelistet. Important: In order to use all the features of this software, you must update to the latest firmware version. If you download this software, it is highly recommended that you download and read the latest Owner's Manual. It does not require that you had previously installed the software from an original Xboard Installer CD, but only that your system meets the minimum requirements. Before you install:. Ende der Servicezeit.


Emu Xboard 25 25-Key MIDI Controller

Page Count: Xboard 1. X Board. E-MU W orld Headquarters. Scotts V alley , CA Chiyoda-ku, T okyo

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