In the name of Allah 1 the Compassionate 2 the Merciful ;. Praise unto Allah the. Lord of the worlds 3 and the good issue to the pious, 4 and blessings upon his prophet Mohammed and his family all of them. Know, 0 Youth, 1 beloved and precious; Allah prolong thy days in his obedience, and lead thee in the path of his loved ones-that the open letter 2 of advice is written from the mine of the Message of the apostle , Allah bless him and give him peace; if there has reached you advice from it, what need have you of my advice?

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Abu Hamid al-Ghazali. Warning: Last items in stock! Add to cart. Dear Beloved Son is an excellent compilation of extremely valuable pieces of advice based not only on theory but on the practical experience and insight of Imam al-Ghazali. Since he presented his disciple with these pieces of advice at a stage in life where he had studied and excelled in all major sciences of Islam, it holds extra significance.

Al-Ghazali was a medieval Muslim theologian, jurist, and philosopher of Persian origin. Muslims in India. The Glory of Iqbal. Islamic Manners. The 'Negro' in Arab Muslim Consciousness. The Value of Time.

Prophet Muhammad: The Teacher. The Book of Great Quotes. The Prophetic Invocations. This is a really good book, was very inspirational for me! Definitely a 5 star book. Report this review. This book has taken me by surprise.

The powerful advise that is in this book that I can pass onto to others knowing that this is from the Qur'an and the Prophet SAW , would be beneficial to everyone. This is a must need book for everybody. Has the Arabic and English in this small nifty book, clear, prompt and straight to the point. Love it so much! We don't tolerate bullying or harassment. We allow you to speak freely on matters and people of public interest, but remove content that appears to purposefully target private individuals with the intention of degrading or shaming them.

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II. In the name of Allah the Compassionate the Merciful

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Dear Beloved Son - Ayyuhal Walad

Kamal El-Helbawy, 24 valuable a]. This book by Hujjatul Islam Imam al-Ghazali offers twenty four pieces of valuable advice to seekers of knowledge. It touches on all aspects of life, from material wealth and the love of this life, to Islamic etiquette and acquiring knowledge. Imam al-Ghazali illustrates his ideas throughout with relevant quotations from the Quran and Hadith, as well as poetry and logical examples and clear analogies which demonstrates the need to cleanse ourselves of bad manners so that we can develop good characteristics.

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