Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Basic Manual. Table of Contents. Service Manual MF Series.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Basic Manual. Table of Contents. Service Manual MF Series. Installing your wifi capable imageclass product to your network for the first time 61 pages. Page 3 Canon will release technical information as the need arises. In the event of major changes in the contents of this manual over a long or short period, Canon will issue a new edition of this manual.

Page 4 Introduction Symbols Used This documentation uses the following symbols to indicate special information: Symbol Description Indicates an item of a non-specific nature, possibly classified as Note, Caution, or Warning.

Indicates an item requiring care to avoid electric shocks. Indicates an item requiring care to avoid combustion fire. Indicates an item prohibiting disassembly to avoid electric shocks or problems. Page 5 Introduction The following rules apply throughout this Service Manual: 1.

Each chapter contains sections explaining the purpose of specific functions and the relationship between electrical and mechanical systems with refer- ence to the timing of operation. In the diagrams, represents the path of mechanical drive; where a signal name accompanies the symbol , the arrow indicates the direction of the electric signal. Page 8 Contents 4.

Page 9 Contents 7. Page 10 Contents 9. Page 11 Contents Page 12 Contents Page Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 1 Introduction Page 15 Contents Contents 1. Page Product Specifications Chapter 1 1.

Page Section View Adf Chapter 1 copyboard glass scanning glass separation pad delivery roller [10] cartridge fixing film unit [11] duplexing feeding roller laser scanner unit [12] transfer charging roller primary charging roller [13] photosensitive drum developing cylinder [14] fixing unit 1. Page Control Panel Chapter 1 1. Page Safety These regulations apply to laser products produced on and after August 1st, , and prohibit the sale of laser products without certification.

The following labels certify compliance with the CDRH regulations, and must be attached to all laser products that are sold in the US. Laser beam radiation may pose damage to eyes.

Be sure not to disassemble the laser scanner unit. The host machine's laser scanner unit cannot be adjusted in the field. Page Operation Environment Of The Printer Driver Chapter 1 [1] leading edge of document [6] trailing edge margin [2] left margin [7] non-scanning area [3] effective scanning width [8] scanning range [4] right margin [9] trailing edge of document [5] leading edge margin T item Letter Legal left margin 5.

Page Basic Sequence Contents Contents 2. Page Construction Chapter 2 2. Below is the block diagram. Page 37 Contents Contents 3. Page Basic Constraction Chapter 3 3. Page Contact Sensor Chapter 3 7 Unhook the 1 claw [1], and remove the gear [3] with the belt [2]. F 4 Remove the 2 spacers [1]. F 8 Remove the 3 screws [1] to remove the shaft retainer [2], the grounding plate [3] and the motor unit [4].

Page 42 Chapter 3 F Page 45 Contents Contents 4. Page Basic Operation Chapter 4 4. Page Original Detection Chapter 4 4. Page Adf Chapter 4 4. F 4 Remove the 2 bushings [1]. Page 51 Chapter 4 F Page 53 Chapter 5 Laser Exposure Page 55 Contents Contents 5. Page Error Code Chapter 5 5. The laser driver emits laser diode according to the laser control signal and the video signal from the DCNT board.

The following is the circuit diagram for laser control. The scanner motor is the 3-phase DC brush-less motor with hall element included, and is combined with the drive circuit. The following chart shows the control circuit for the scanner motor. Page Parts Replacement Procedure Chapter 5 5. Page 61 Chapter 6 Image Formation When receiving the print command from the SCNT board, the DCNT board activates the main motor to rotate the photosensitive drum, the developing cylinder, the primary charging roller, the transfer charging roller and the pressure roller.

Page Driving And Controlling The High-Voltage System Chapter 6 Put the toner on the electrostatic latent image on the surface of the photosensitive drum to visualize Step 3: Development 3 Transfer block The toner image on the surface of the photosensitive drum is transferred to papers.

Step 4: Transfer Transfers the toner on the photosensitive drum to a paper Step 5: Separation Separates the paper from the photosensitive drum 4 Fixing block The toner image is fixed on the paper.

Page Parts Replacement Procedure Chapter 6 6. F F 3 Unhook the 2 claws [1] to remove the transfer charging roller [2] with the transfer guide [3] in the direction of the arrow. Page 69 Chapter 7 Pickup and Feed System Page 71 Contents Contents 7.

In this machine, a paper is picked up from either the pickup tray or the manual feed tray, and it is delivered from the delivery tray. Page Other Control Chapter 7 7. When there is paper in inside the machine, the leading edge sensor flag is pushed up with paper, and paper having is judged. Page Duplex Unit Chapter 7 7. After the machine completes the 1st print and the paper's trailing edge passes over the delivery sensor PS , the duplexing drive solenoid SL2 is turned on and the drive of the main motor M1 is transmitted to the delivery roller and the duplexing feed roller.

Page Parts Replacement Procedure Chapter 7 7. Page 79 Chapter 8 Fixing System Page 81 Contents Contents 8. Page Various Control Mechanisms Chapter 8 8.

Page Parts Replacement Procedure Chapter 8 8. Page 88 Chapter 8 F 3 Recline the 2 pressure release levers [1], and remove the 2 springs [2]. Page 89 Chapter 9 External and Controls Page 91 Contents Contents 9. Page Control Panel Chapter 9 9. Page Front Cover Chapter 9 9.

F 2 Remove the rear cover [3]. Page Operation Panel Unit Chapter 9 9. Page 97 Chapter 9 F 3 Remove the 4 screws [1], and detach the scanner cover front [2] and the scanner cover rear [3]. F 7 Disconnect the connector [1], and free the flat cable [3] from the cable guide [2]. F F Points to Note When Attaching Make sure to insert the shutter arm [4] through the hole [5] of the scanner Page Ncu Board Chapter 9 9. Page 99 Chapter 10 Maintenance and Inspection Page Periodically Replaced Parts Chapter 10 Page Chapter 11 Measurement and Adjustments Page Basic Adjustments Contents Contents Page Basic Adjustments Chapter 11 Page Chapter 12 Error Code Page Chapter 12 Using the error code, the service man can readily find out how to correct the fault by simply referring to the service manual.

After sending MCF. Page Chapter 13 Service Mode Page Contents Contents Page Setting Service Data Chapter 13 Each service data can be viewed or modified using the menu items displayed on the screen. Page Service Data Menu Chapter 13 Page Sssw-Sw Chapter 13 Page Bit 1 Elaborated Chapter 13 Change the setting to OFF in order to make this alarm inactive.


imageCLASS MF4100 Series Basic Guide

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Canon MF4100 Series Service Manual




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