I przetrwam. Stefan podobnie jak ona grozi mu. Elijah zabija wampiry, a Rose ucieka. Elijah odchodzi. Robi to i Salvatore przychodzi do niej.

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Pianist, rhythmics and journalism student. Has pink hair but isn't a big fan of this color. Hates mushrooms and boring people. An introvert floating in the Korean pop-culture. Created with by BeautyTemplates.

Home About Sponsorship. Home tenshinote Summary of February. Summary of February. February 28, Again, there will be no favorites. Just because. I doubt that you knpw the quote from the photo above. But don't worry, I'll tell you about it. When I was at my cousin's house, a friend showed me Don't by Ed Sheeran. Song like a song. But you know, how much can you sit in k-pop, even this can be boring, so when I came home, out of curiosity I turned on the whole album of this redhead.

And I fell in love. Piosenka jak piosenka. I almost mentioned all of the songs from the album, oh. The second song is Shake that Brass by beloved Amber, the sweetest tomboy I've ever seen. Too many of these links, and even though the music videos for both songs are great and concepts are wonderful, I'll add I'll add both. I have not listened to the whole album yet, but I will do it soon. Time for books.

This month I read a little bit more than in previous one. Not so bad. I know it's a little unfair to Mickiewicz, but excuse me, I've never fell asleep with a book as I did this with Tadzio.

Murakami is so strange and specific author, that I really had no idea how the book would end. Even being two pages before the end I still had that problem. There is a lot of the absurd, irrational, something strange and incomprehensible. Wonderful, really. Coming back to the Sir Thaddeus - I froze on the page There is a dialogue with Telimena and Tadzio.

I read peacefully, trying to not fall asleep, and suddenly I realized that I know that text and even melody to it. I didn't know that the song of my childhood, which I really liked being in kindergarten. In a month I'm finally changing my disintegrating notebook, so some memories came to me and I installed game in which I played with great commitment in elementary school.

It's a Dungeon Keeper 2. I passed almost the entire game, I have probably only 5 missions left. This's relic, released in Although this is great, really. Of course, if someone likes compelled pixies to dig tunnels and hold fairies in prison because they're nice.

Jest to Dungeon Keeper 2. Time for events. There were a lot of them and all of them were great. Czas na wydarzenia. Lessons for kindergarten and elementary school of Montessori and later coffee with Oktawia and wild dances before the exam of improvisation which we later presented at the exam, I'm not kidding.

As soon as I force Oktawia to share with me our collection of all rythmics recordings, I will present them to you, they are beautiful. In the meantime, I give a speech in the classroom about music industry in South Korea, because as a student of advanced Polish language I had to do it, and I really haven't had time to think about the subject, so I chose something I know very well.

And, well, the two best people from the class were later supposed to deliver their speech in front of the whole school. I don't need to say that I have been chosen and I didn't even have this speech on paper.

In addition, any public appearances paralyze me. I could give up, but I found that it's time to overcome myself. And I did it. I'm not satisfied, but I did it. From other things: the last class in this semester from language school we spent in the pub around the school talking about slang, such diversity.

In school we had a few replacement lessons, so there was no classes, and it's so stupid to just sit idly, so along with friends we started to sing the greatest hits of all time video on my private profile. Oh, I have to mention that I came to school in pajamas. Just to mention, because it's rather normal for me. And you know what? I already know about what I will bother my class for my birthday.

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