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Log in Become a member. Product presentation. Price engine. Classified Ads. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Like Tweet Submit. Average Score: 3. Not satisfied with those reviews? Request a new review. Sort by most recent most useful. Generates a little breath Some me to correct my answer Monitor One MK2.

What is the particular feature you like best and least? For the price The race sliders. Not having big didi. Buy at Amazon. Did you find this review helpful? It is easy to use. The disadvantage is race of pot. Breath correct. I had a problem with the pots for now. Only used for a guitar, Eq 3bandes amps can not properly sculpt his sound. The super plus for a musician, anti feedback So I folded the FBQ that technically meets the demand.

This is the good old analogue attention aging knobs on! In addition, it allows changing the low cut depending on whether either 31cm or 38cm. So these equalizers will be a definite plus if I have to leave the total 8 speakers. I have all standardized on TRS, the Denon will become de facto the main element in place of the monitor amp: I miss the great sound of my amp says this monitor it has a particular grain, but that sticks great for the sound system.

Good though it will not we'll see! But as with other products of this brand, I have been unpleasantly surprised to see that the preamps were very poorly designed, they give off at terrific speed by sending continuous throughout the circuit, input, output.. For characteristics, I refer to what has been said and manufacturers info Positive, a model for "low cost" it incorporates a sensor feedback that can not be found until much later in the range when one goes up in price I too was confused for a moment when I received it - I applied for radical change in the equalizer such as severe acute min.

So here it is fixed! So this story of buttons is not a problem. Positive point of the equalizer faders have a little click in the center, practice. My first equalizer I wanted a more accurate model that my 3-band parametric my table, and supportive. Sure the high end is rarely in behringer, especially at this price point. But Not disappointed one bit So there, it's going to 2 days I have received and tested my sound system 2 and 2 p esw I can already do a review because I could test it for easier during 4h.

This is a rackmount model altogether that's what I do For the rest of the features, you'll find on the manufacturer's website. Then you just have to increase, decrease frequency to achieve the desired effect when you bought it.

I find this device very convenient, and its general use in matches exactly why I bought it. Just as low-pass filter for my sub and frequency modulation in order to get more attack and refine my p Mission accomplished! Indeed, this is where it spoils a bit Well surely I'm exaggerating, but I remain a bit on my end, because once the equalizer installed, without touching the settings of the bands, everything is ok. However, when you start up certain frequencies high frequencies, for example: 4 db on 6.

It does no disturbing the proper functioning of the system even at high level by the way so it probably will not hear it but is still noticeable when no other sound coming from your speakers especially the satellites, because no problems in the sub I would add that it is still good to listen to realize it.

So what I love most about her is just to manage as many frequencies at once, and "transform" the sound of its kind nightclub bass pressure in the sub and satellites around slamming 6kHz and to better cut my sub in order to make the max is it works great I would like to added in this way, I rediscovered the sound of my sound system, and I fell even more in love than before!

It is an understatement! It corresponds perfectly to my use. However, I have not had the opportunity to test other equalizers. Small qualiser 2 U and 2 analog voice. Jack and XLR connectors, "anti feedback" Filters not prcis trs, manual clear.

A small anti feedback. In fact, it simpelment the LEDs of each fader that lights up depending on the level of the slice, if there's a feedback, is reduced, the frquence clear that the most With esprience, I would not do that choice again, for against, lorsuq'on not round, it's pretty A cozy Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Find out more.


Behringer Ultragraph Pro FBQ3102 31-Band Stereo Graphic EQ

ID Password. Save ID Secured Login. Select quantity. To add product, select an option in the above option box. Professional audio engineers have known for decades that a good EQ makes all the difference in how a performance is perceived. Although multi-band graphic equalizers have been around for a long time, they have changed very littleā€¦ until now! Each of these lanes represents a specific frequency band.


Behringer ULTRAGRAPH FBQ-PRO FBQ3102 Manuals

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Behringer FBQ3102HD Ultragraph Pro

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