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Previous page. Accordingly, the test results confirm the well-known excellent Nokian product properties of high driving safety and green eco friendliness. Achieving the top rating on dry surfaces of 1. AUTO found the same strengths. Excellent performance on wet surfaces. Balanced safe driving behaviour on wet surfaces. Low rolling resistance. An outstanding feature here is the traction, and the handling is neutral.

Nokian winter tyres are the test winners in the winter tyre tests by auto motor sport and Auto Bild Nokian winter tyres are the test winners in the winter tyre tests by the German car magazines auto motor sport, Auto Bild and AUTO. In more than 20 winter tyre tests that were carried out by car magazines in Germany and other European countries last winter, Nokian tyres came out on top. The new generation of Nokian Hakkapeliitta winter tyres for the harshest of winter conditions have also already been rated the best in winter tyre tests this winter.

In Central Europe, they are ideal for driving in regions with lots of snow, ice, and slush. The grooves must be a minimum of 4 millimetres deep in order to provide enough grip on snow and to prevent slush planing and aquaplaning.

The snowflake remains visible down to 4 millimetres. When it disappears, risk increases and the winter tyres should be replaced. No other tyre manufacturer has these innovations. The Nokian WR D3 uses a slush blower to protect against aquaplaning on slushy surfaces. The slush blower blows slush and water out of the grooves of the tyre and makes driving safer.

What is more, polished grooves remove slush and water faster. The low-temperature canola oil tread compound of the Nokian WR winter tyre is a new combination of canola oil, natural rubber, and silica, which ensures ultra-firm grip on snow, ice, and wet surfaces in addition to high wear resistance in changing and particularly low temperatures. Thanks to the firmer nanobase, the sporty Nokian WR A3 drives safely, stably, and highly responsively, including at higher speeds and when cornering and changing lanes.

Snow claws integrated into the Nokian WR SUV 3 claw themselves firmly into the snow to provide an exceptionally high level of grip on snow and ice. The 3D lock sipes lock the tread bars together, thus reducing their movement. This technology also increases the wear resistance of the tyre. Subjected to the toughest of testing, the eco-friendly winter tyres Nokian WR ensure enhanced slush planing protection, plus ultra-firm grip on snow, ice, and wet roads Being the most northern tyre manufacturer, Nokian is the ultimate winter tyre expert for all winter conditions.

The Nordic premium brand also conducts extensive tests on natural ice on roads and on frozen lakes. Aquaplaning on slushy roads is the most dangerous driving situation for Central European motorists in the winter. Nokian has been conducting slush tests for 15 years, is regarded as a pioneer in this area, and today has exact test methods. This specialist is the only tyre manufacturer to have a unique test track, where the effects of slush planing can be tested both longitudinally and transversely.

No other tyre producer conducts slush tests during tyre development or tests on natural ice. Standard Nokian winter tyres set a new Guinness world record Fastest on Ice by reaching a top speed of The high level of research and development, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, and ultra-extreme testing pay off in the high quality of Nokian tyres.

This is why their test results are so outstanding in the test reports of the various magazines. Nokian tyres are available from local tyre service companies, including as complete wheels on rims. Motorists should replace their old winter tyres with new ones on reaching a tread depth of four millimetres. Innovative Nokian tyres from Finland for cars, trucks, and heavy machinery demonstrate their high quality particularly well in snow, tough climates, and demanding driving situations, and deliver sustainable added value.

In addition, Nokian produces tyres especially developed for European weather and the higher speeds on European motorways. Nokian tyres deliver excellent safety, save fuel, and are the forerunner of environmental friendliness. The company is number 1 in terms of brand recognition and appreciation in Scandinavia and Russia and has a positive, exceptional image.

Nokian is the inventor of the winter tyre Nokian has been designing, testing, and patenting innovative tyres for more than 75 years and is the inventor of the winter tyre. The world's first winter tyre was developed and manufactured in the midst of icy winds and bitter cold in Two years later, Nokian Hakkapeliitta was created for harsh northern winters and is today one of the best-known winter tyre brands. In , the Nokian WR G2 was introduced and was rated as "highly recommended" and "good" in tests for its outstanding grip and unique protection against slush planing.

Its success story continues with the safe and economical Nokian WR D3 for the compact and middle-sized class and small cars, as well as with the safe and sporty WR A3 for large, fast cars.

In more than 20 winter tyre tests carried out by car magazines in Germany and other European countries last winter, Nokian tyres came out on top. In the winter tyre tests, Nokian winter tyres were also test winners. Three brand new Nokian summer tyres from on Nokian Tyres introduces three brand new summer tyres from on. Sporty Ultra High Performance summer tyre Nokian zLine as a cool top product provides a precise, excellent, and safe driving feel for fast driving.

With firm grip, Nokian Line High Performance summer tyre for compact and upper midrange cars drives safely on wet roads under changing European weather conditions.

Nokian tyre is test winner of the summer tyre test in German car magazines Auto Bild and auto TEST The summer tyres from Nokian are also multiple test winners, offering high levels of safety and saving fuel.

A total of 17 very good and good test results were achieved by Nokian tyres in the summer tyre tests in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In the summer tyre tests, Nokian tyres were also test winners in the German car magazine Auto Bild and with eight wins Nokian won more tests than any other brand. In 97 test reports from autumn to spring , Nokian tyres were test winners 54 times and were rated "good" 43 times. When it disappears, the risk increases and the winter tyres should be replaced.

The grooves must be a minimum of 4 millimetres deep in order to provide enough grip on snow and to prevent slush planing and aquaplaning on winter and summer tyres. The Driving Safety Indicator on the Nokian summer tyres shows the driver the tread depth as a simple figure from 8 to 3.

An aquaplaning alert within this warns of the danger of aquaplaning with a drop symbol. It disappears when there are only four millimetres of remaining tread, alerting the driver of the increased risk. Nokian Tyres achieved a 1. In Central Europe, Nokian Tyres operates with own sales companies in ten countries.

The company also owns the Vianor tyre and car-service chain that comprises 1, outlets in 26 countries. Koehler at Dr-Falk-Koehler. Nokian Tyres s.


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Should you switch to winter tyres?

Nokian winter tyres are the test winners in the winter tyre tests conducted by the. Nokian tyres came out on top. The Nokian is extremely safe. For its low fuel consumption, it received a rating of 1.

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