A gang of vicious hillbilly criminals think a more evil Nickelback is committing a series of sickening acts on two young girls. You may wish to turn away for a while. Sorry, you've come back too early, they're still carrying on. Just in case you're concerned this might be just a little ghoulish, it's worth remembering that the girls were smoking weed when they were abducted, so there is a moral to the story. Anyway, come back in a bit.

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A young girl, Bird, is dropped of by a man to visit two graves. She witnesses and photographs a hitman Laurence Fishburne killing people at a burial. When the man, Roger, comes looking for her, the hitman kills him and turns to her noticing her camera , but she flees into the woods. Bird comes to the house of a man named Carter Thomas Jane , who vows to protect her.

The hitman enters the house and shoots Carter, who shoots him. Carter is stuck upstairs and the hitman downstairs. Carter sends the girl for some light bulbs, which he breaks and throws down the stairs.

Bird tells Carter what happened in the cemetery and that she has a picture of the hitman; Carter directs her to hide the film in the toilet tank. The hitman finds a picture of Carter in military uniform with his wife and son and goads him over their leaving him. A sheriff's deputy happens upon the abandoned cars at the cemetery. In the house, Carter has a flashback about his son, who accidentally died when he fell on a piece of farming equipment Carter neglected to clean up.

The hitman finds and reads a letter Carter had written his wife, taking blame for the death of their son. He antagonizes Carter whom he realizes was contemplating suicide.

While Bird and Carter talk about his family, the hitman fires his gun, which the deputy hears. The light in the house starts to fade and Carter realizes he needs to get Bird out as he cannot protect them both in the dark.

The deputy arrives while Carter is trying to get Bird out through a window. The hitman shoots the deputy through the door, scaring Bird, who goes back upstairs.

The hitman hides the deputy's car and starts to head back to the house; Carter confronts him and tells him to leave. The hitman tries to goad him to shoot, guessing he only has the one shot. Carter relents because the hitman has taken the deputy's gun. Inside, he tries to barter with Carter for the deputy's life. After breaking his fingers, he kills the deputy. After a period of silence, Carter tells Bird to hide and starts down the stairs. He hears creaking above him and finds the hitman's boots.

Realizing he has snuck onto the roof, Carter follows him back in through a window. Surprised, the hitman steps onto the broken bulbs and falls down the stairs. They resume their standoff. The hitman considers burning the house down but reconsiders his plan when he remembers he has Carter's cell phone. As night falls, both men are injured and tired.

A vehicle arrives and Carter sees that the hitman has called his wife, Mara, claiming he was worried about Carter. He once again barters for the girl. Carter gives Bird the shotgun, instructing her to aim down the stairs and shoot if she sees the hitman. Angry that Carter came instead of the girl, the hitman shoots Carter in the knee. As they argue, Bird descends the stairs to protect Carter. The lights flicker, distracting the hitman. Carter rushes him and stabs him repeatedly but is shot himself as the lights go out.

Mara runs outside and calls Bird approaches the hitman, who is dying. He tells her to shoot him but the trigger simply clicks; the round is a dud. Amused at his bad luck, the hitman refuses to kill Bird since he is already dead. She runs to Carter assuming the worst, but he lives. Mara returns and the three embrace.

The major theme in this movie is the titular "standoff" between good and evil. This is evidenced by several obvious plot devices. The villain is a professional hitman, an indisputably evil profession, while the hero is a veteran, a stereotypically noble profession. The unnamed hitman murders several individuals without any discernible or explained motivation, making him inherently evil, while Carter is determined to do the "right thing" by protecting Bird despite having nothing to gain by it, making him inherently good.

The hitman wears only heavy, black clothes while Carter wears a lightweight white t-shirt. Their positioning also establishes their paradigm: the hitman sits downstairs in the darkness while Carter remains upstairs in the light, implying that Carter has both the physical and moral high ground.

More subtly, the hitman lies frequently and is usually poorly lit shadows on his face, red lighting while Carter is honest about the fate of his family and is almost always cast in bright light showing his face.

Thomas Jane was confirmed to join the cast on May 1, The first trailer was released on September 2, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Standoff Kulani Mabobo. Laurence Fishburne Thomas Jane. Accessed 20 May Rotten Tomatoes.

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The Last House on the Left: good, honest, homespun sadism

Delirium is a American psychological horror film directed by Dennis Iliadis and written by Adam Alleca. A man inherits a mansion from his deceased wealthy father after he is released from a mental institution. After spending twenty years in a mental institution, Tom Walker Topher Grace is released back to the mansion that he has inherited from his wealthy father, a senator who has recently committed suicide. Tom is placed under house arrest, and must check in via video phone daily for thirty days or else he will be returned to the mental institution.


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