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View My Garage. My cousin's Fiat Abarth Turismo. So, it is finally here. My cousin took delivery of his new Fiat Abarth Turismo last week 29 July and I happened to be in Melbourne and accompanied him for the delivery. Pictures were taken the next day. Even though this is not my car, I will still get to drive it occasionally.

I was also involved in the booking process and was a big influence in my cousin choosing this car hence I am posting the review here. The Decision to buy this car: What started out as an excursion to buy a reasonably priced small hatchback, ended up with this car.

The reason was simple, my cousin wanted an Italian hot hatch; and quite simply there are no small Italian hatches that are "hotter" than this car right now in this country. The booking was made in April this year, and the dealer we dealt with are one of the biggest names here; Zagame Automotive. I bought my Alfa Romeo from them in , and had a very good dealer experience, so we decided to go with them again. My cousin decided to get a refund at the time of delivery and opted to get a 5-year loan for the full on-road amount of the car.

No discounts were given. Torque: Nm rpm Max. Power: kW rpm Power:Weight Ratio: People of all ages and walks of life find something charming in the Abarth. There is no other car like it. This car is for people who desire a healthy dose of Italian flair and madness packaged in a vehicle that you could drive every day. It cracks and splutters like a supercar; its like a rabid mouse!

I love the sound. The interior in red leather is just gorgeous. In this day and age when everything is automatic, it feels wonderful to drive this manual car. It makes you happy. It is a car unlike any other. I loved it! Things I don't like: -Practicality: This is not a car for family use. Getting into the back is almost like a circus act! But for driving around in a crowded city full of traffic jams, this is awful. My legs were aching at the end of the day, having to constantly change gears and having to use the clutch constantly.

You can't make a U-turn in this car without it turning into a 3-point turn. Overall impression: The bottom line is that this is not a car for everybody. It is not a car for family. Its fine for a couple, but anything more you will need a second car. But, it is a fun car. It is for the pure joy of driving. I haven't driven a Ferrari, but I have driven a Porsche , and you know what, driving the Fiat put a bigger smile on my face than the Porsche ever did!

This car is affordable relatively and you simply can't put a monetary value on the fun this car brings during everyday use.

I would definitely buy one in a heartbeat. Pictures below. Attached Thumbnails. Let me be the first to congratulate on being one of the few who will drive this!! The gear lever and the interiors literally made me drool Can you please describe more on how it feels to drive, like in gear acceleration and stuff?

Originally Posted by chaith. Re: My cousin's Fiat Abarth Turismo. What a beauty! I love the paint job, wheels, interiors and everything about this little car. Please tell us more about the drive experience as and when you get a chance to drive it around more. At that kind of a price point I'd definitely opt for the Cooper S which is priced only a couple of lakhs more. Did you guys also check out the Cooper S before purchasing the ?

If yes, what are your views of the Cooper S? Originally Posted by Jeeper I will drive the car again this weekend, and will pay more attention to handling etc. Last edited by Acharya : 6th August at Originally Posted by S2!!!

Would love to hear the engine note. For the price paid, there is no climate control too. Other than this, I think it's a fantastic hot hatch. Originally Posted by RM Motorsports. Last edited by johy : 7th August at Reason: Quoted Motorsports. Originally Posted by johy. Question: Why is the turning radius 11 meters?

I had to Google it up, and yet it is As requested, the engine note this is the best I could do with my little Sony camera, and apologies for posting as a zip file, I don't know how to post the mp3 directly.

Most Viewed. Proudly powered by E2E Networks. User Name. Remember Me? New Topics. Mark Forums Read. Thread Tools. My cousin's Fiat Abarth Turismo So, it is finally here. Acharya , NirmalK. Re: My cousin's Fiat Abarth Turismo As requested, the engine note this is the best I could do with my little Sony camera, and apologies for posting as a zip file, I don't know how to post the mp3 directly. Abarth


My (cousin's) Fiat Abarth 595 Turismo

All Rights Reserved. But I am used to bigger cars. This was just as a rental. I've heard nothing but bad things for all FCA products. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro. Originally Posted by 77T. Originally Posted by Chewbacca.





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