Record these numbers in the spaces below. Refer to these numbers whenever you communicate For an overview of steps for setting up your new TV, see page 9. For details, please contact your TV antenna installer, cable provider, or satellite provider. Panel Display Safety Precautions Congratulations on your purchase!

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Estimated wait for next available agent :. For Tech Support, call The Toshiba 42RVU represents a real breakthrough in the popular 42" screen size. Shop all Toshiba TVs. Please confirm that this adapter will work with the stereo you intend to use. Can't find your exact vehicle? Find products that fit. Last year, you'd have been lucky to find a 42" p model in this price range.

The 42RVU's p screen has nearly twice the image-forming pixels of a p screen, for high-def pictures that look sharper and clearer. Whether you watch over-the-air stations, satellite or cable TV, most high-definition programs are in i, and the only way to see every detail in a i signal is with a p TV. Advanced technology ensures outstanding picture quality Because only a handful of factories supply all of the raw LCD panels, lots of competing TVs use the same panels.

Still, all p TVs are not created equal. For example, Toshiba's DynaLight backlight control monitors the brightness level of each video frame and adjusts backlight intensity to maximize contrast in every scene. And their powerful PixelPure circuitry is remarkably effective at making non-HD signals look good. TV reception that's ready for and beyond One of the strongest reasons to upgrade to an HDTV is the switch to digital broadcasting coming in The 42RVU's built-in tuners pull in all types of local over-the-air broadcasts, from ordinary analog to digital high-definition antenna required.

The 42RVU accepts p video signals through its HDMI inputs, allowing you to enjoy the highest quality picture available from a high-definition disc player. A PC input lets you connect your computer and super-size the view for work or play. Shop our selection of HDMI cables.

Tip: For a list of over-the-air digital TV stations you can receive, as well as antenna recommendations for your location, enter your zip code in AntennaWeb's mapping tool. FREE scheduled delivery to your door: This item will be delivered to the door of your house or apartment. Available to physical addresses in 50 United States only. Sorry, we can't ship to P. Boxes or freight forwarders.

Delivery takes business days once your order has been processed. Extra charges may apply to items that must be carried up more than 5 flights of stairs. Allow extra time for delivery to remote addresses. Free return shipping not available with this model. Toshiba 42RVU owner's manual. Buy this TV, you cant go wrong. Average review: 7 reviews. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with other customers.

Please see our review guidelines for help and information. By submitting this review, you agree to our terms and review guidelines. A wide degree viewing angle ensures that you can enjoy this TV from any seat in your room. PixelPure 4G Bit Digital Video Processing: Toshiba's 4th generation PixelPure video processing system uses a bit video DAC and constantly monitors changes in signal quality, content, and movement to enhance sharpness, contrast, and color reproduction.

This advanced third-generation digital video processing system runs at a fast Mhz and is capable of producing 4, levels of gradation 16 times greater than a standard 8-bit processor for a smooth, natural-looking picture without image banding. DynaLight Dynamic Back-Light Control: Toshiba's DynaLight Technology monitors the brightness level of each video frame, and automatically adjusts the backlight intensity based on the image content.

Precise signal analysis offers levels of backlight intensity. This creates dynamic contrast up to 5X that of the original panel contrast, resulting in a deeper black level that increases detail and depth, even in low light environments. This system detects the quality of the incoming video signal, and automatically applies the needed amount of video optimization. Picture Size: When viewing a source, you can choose one of the following picture sizes:.

The aspect ratio will automatically adjust as follows. The auto aspect ratio feature is not applicable to the PC input. Picture Modes: You can select one of the following picture modes for each input:. Color Temperature: You can change the quality of the picture by selecting from three preset color temperatures - Cool bluish , Medium neutral , or Warm reddish.

You can also adjust the levels of greens and blues in each preset temperature. This provides deep, natural colors for increased depth and realism.

Dynamic Contrast: When dynamic contrast is set to Low, Middle or High, the TV will detect when changes in picture quality that affect the appearance of your contrast settings and adjust the video automatically.

You can choose High, Medium, Low, or Off. Static Gamma Adjustment: The Static Gamma feature allows you to adjust the levels of black in the picture. TheaterLock: The TheaterLock feature allows you to lock all items that affect the picture mode setting. Game Mode: When playing a video game requiring split-second timing high-action games, music creation, etc. This feature is more effective for i and i input signals. Channel Browser: The Channel Browser allows you to browse and view channels by storing your recently viewed channels in channel history.

You can surf back to channels you viewed prior to your current channel, and surf forward from previous channels up to your current channel. Up to 32 previously viewed channels can be stored in history. You can set a Home source for an Ant 1 channel or TV input. Favorite Browser: Within the Channel Browser you can preview preset Favorite Channels via thumbnails along the bottom of the screen.

Channel Return: The Channel Return feature allows you to switch between two channels without entering an actual channel number each time. SurfLock: The SurfLock feature temporarily memorizes one channel under the Channel Return button, so you can return to that channel quickly from any other channel. You are able to view and assign these logos to your incoming stations. If the desired channel label is not provided, you are able to manually enter and edit labels using the TV's on-screen keyboard.

Input Label: You can label each input according to the connected source. Digital CC: You can customize the closed caption display characteristics by changing the background color, opacity, text size, type, edge and color.

This eliminates the big round speakers, without losing any of the big home theater sound. Stable Sound: When the signal source is changed, this feature limits the highest volume level to prevent extreme changes in volume. You can select from the following.

Two-level Mute: The TV mutes the volume half-way when the Mute button is pressed once on the remote; when pressed a second time the TV will mute the volume completely and when pressed a third time the volume will resume as normal. Lock System: The TV's Lock Menu includes ratings blocking, channel blocking, input locking and a side panel control lock which are all protected by the same user customized 4 digit password.

GameTimer: You can use the GameTimer function to se a time limit for playing a video game from 30 to minutes. Sleep Timer: The sleep timer switches the television off after a specified amount of time. The sleep timer can be adjusted from 10 minutes to 3 hours in minute increments. Note: You should unplug the TV's power cord if it is probable that you will be away from the TV for an extended period of time after the power is restored. Auto Power Off: In ANT mode the TV will automatically turn itself off after approximately 15 minutes if it is turned to a vacant channel or a station that completes it broadcast for the day.

PC Settings: When your PC is connected to the TV's pin D-sub RGB terminal, you can use the TV's PC Settings features to make adjustments to the image such as picture horizontal and vertical position, clock phase helps reduce noise and sharpens picture and sampling clock helps reduce noise and minimize periodic vertical stripes on-screen.

The pedestal stand consists of one pedestal base and one pedestal shaft that attach to one another using the supplied hardware. The pedestal stand then attaches to the television using the supplied hardware. Wall Mounting: The TV has four threaded inserts on the back for use with an optional wall-mount bracket. The HDMI jacks can accommodate a copy-protected digital connection HDCP from other devices such as digital set-top boxes that have compatible interfaces.

Since DVI does not carry audio signals, a stereo audio 3. The PC input shares the stereo audio 3. Digital Audio Output: An optical digital output is provided to allow you to connect the unit to a surround processor. SpeakerCompare simulates the sound of home and car speakers through your headphones. It lets you compare sonic characteristics between speakers so that you can make a more informed shopping decision.

It includes a pair of studio-quality headphones, a combination DAC digital-to-analog converter and headphone amp, USB mobile adapters, and a guide to getting the most out of your session. SpeakerCompare is protected by patents and patent applications owned by Crutchfield Corporation. Close contact box. Due to high demand, our current wait times for calls and chats are longer than usual. Call See our hours See our hours Our hours 7 days a week.

Connect ID. What is Connect ID? Call us at Your advisor will be able to share relevant pages and add items to your cart. Your security and privacy are ensured. Our advisors cannot see anything that is on your computer. They only have the ability to "serve" a page from our site and put items in your cart. All finished with your chat session?


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